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This year sees a few modifications to the route and a new distance, 400km.

None of the routes return from Penrith on the M4, instead we travel along cycleways from Penrith to St Marys then some back roads to the M7 cycelway.

The 150km and 200km head up to East Kurrajong Road via Freemans Reach and a little unsealed road instead of the busy Putty Road.

The 300 no longer goes via the gorges at Galston and Berowra but will travel to Lithgow with the 400km riders.

The 400km riders go the furthest west, Bathurst!

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The 300 & 400s look challenging, pity Mr Mitchell & Mr Cox didn't survey and build better or more routes over the mountains 200 years ago, typical infrastructure builders, no thought for the needs of cyclists!

Looks like the 200 for me to mark my first Audax ride 2 years ago (WiW 150)

300 and 400 now stopping at Transit Espresso, Woodford for the first checkpoint. I believe you have been there Bill.

Yes indeed, "Lovely Gent" ha, what will they think when a whole mob of people arrive who don't know about trains, and going to Lithgow or Bathurst and back. I still haven't claimed the free coffee I was promised

nice to see you coming on board Bill. Too bad you won't get to have that coffee up at the Transit Espresso.

There are several new riders coming along on the day and it sounds like knowing more riders on the 150 will help build their confidence.

Hi Rob, Your map link for the 200km from Audax site dont seem to work - they are 'private', the one from the wingitwest site works though.

Which one are you planning on doing? Was thinking 300km before, but haven't actually got on the bike for 2 weeks now and somehow 300km seems a long distance though I always wanted to do the ride to Katoomba...

Will signup next week once I decide.



looks like the calendar one is incorrect. The one in the document above is correct.

BTW, 300

BTW II, 6 riders on the 300 so far if those that promised to ride actually do.

Plenty of wheels to sit on if you don't feel well Bhanu, I suspect others will sit on your wheel though.

Bill, there seems to be some connection between these guys, riding mountain bikes and opening up a trail across the mountains. I'll support any business willing to support bike riders. Coffee had better be good.

I signed up for the 200 Rob, got a dinner commitment.

Also checked my weight, it has gone over the dreaded 90kg mark, though the fitness is not as bad as I thought after not riding much last 3 weeks. Too many heavy meals whilst travelling on work and general indiscipline after the 600:(

Will use it as a nice training ride to get back to riding, am actually looking forward to a few breaks/riding solo most of the way adventure, not done that enough recently. See you on the morning:)

Registered for 150 so home before dark, hopefully meet Bhanu finally!

Rob, happy / prefer to start with others at 6:30 , I am lit/vested anyway and save you from hanging around for dawn

Two years since my first Audax.

EDIT, or if you wanted to go at 6:30 I could start the 150s

That second offer is a good one Bill. let me consider this.

19 riders in total so far. Nice turnout.

I'd like to take you up on that offer Bill.

There are 8 riders doing the 150km ride. Even so they/you will be leaving 16 minutes later the 200km riders will be doing an extra 15km before Windsor. That could se you in Kurrajong earlier than the 200s.

5 riders are doing the 200km distance at this stage.

12 riders want to go to Lithgow!


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