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This year sees a few modifications to the route and a new distance, 400km.

None of the routes return from Penrith on the M4, instead we travel along cycleways from Penrith to St Marys then some back roads to the M7 cycelway.

The 150km and 200km head up to East Kurrajong Road via Freemans Reach and a little unsealed road instead of the busy Putty Road.

The 300 no longer goes via the gorges at Galston and Berowra but will travel to Lithgow with the 400km riders.

The 400km riders go the furthest west, Bathurst!

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Yes, Loopy 300.
The Loopy rides are unusual amongst the rides starting around Hornsby in that it heads south. The route heads across to the M7 cycleway and follows the full length of the cycleway on the way to Camden. I've ridden the loopy 300 it twice and have found that the fast guys are slowed down a bit on the cycleway and I have been able to keep up and benefit from the bunch momentum. After Camden the route trends uphill before swinging west and north again to Hilltop. It's a good pacing exercise to keep effort in check for this uphill section of the ride. A bit slower here conserves energy for later. After Hilltop the route trends downhill towards Penrith and this section is a good opportunity to up the pace if you wish. The route after Penrith heads towards the quiet roads north of Windsor rd for the "after dark" part of the ride while heading back to Hornsby via Galston Gorge.

a very good description of the ride.

Now I'm keen to do it again.


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