Hi folks,

We have just 3 weeks to go to qualify in NSW and though our overall membership numbers here are pushing over 1,000 those who have sent their required forms in sits on 520 as of yesterday.  We need 750 fully verified by the 4th of February.  The holidays haven't been helpful of course.

Trying to ensure we get the numbers, yesterday we did a blitz at the northern end of the SHB and in just an hour and a half received another 110 membership forms over a couple of hours.  These still need to be verified and then confirmation mailings will have to be returned.  Still, it was encouraging and we will be out there again this evening. 

If any of you have any spare time and want to join in the recruiting for even half an hour between 5-6:30, please get in touch - email administrator@australian-cyclists-party.org

Spreading the word through your networks will also help.

We are close, very close but not yet assured of success...

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