This is a copy of a letter in support of the Bike Sydney submission.

Monica Barone
Chief Executive Officer
City of Sydney

Re: Draft Neighbourhood Parking Policy

Dear Monica

BIKEast would like to make this late submission to strongly support the detailed submission issued by BIKESydney, dated 5 July 2013.

BIKESydney has made a big effort to provide a case that indicates an alternative way forward.
There is a need to significantly further develop and change the draft parking policy.

This is necessary to be consistent with Sydney's 2030 Strategy for a sustainable future in the face of higher populations, workforce and visitors using and requiring access to the limited public street-space.

The way parking is governed will have a significant impact on the desired future streetscapes and use of this under-valued part of the public realm.

Please, reconsider the basis of the draft policy.


Adrian Boss
Secretary - BIKEast

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