The  draft of the new bike plan is to be outlined at the next  BAC on 12 November. Prepared by GTA consultants it promises to be a step forward from current logos and paint approach, but will councillors buy it? Lots of support from cyclists will be needed if it is to be adaopted, so if interested please come along to the meeting at 630 pm in Leichardt Town Hall, upstairs. Enter via side door off Marion St. Can park bikes inside, or some racks opposite in Norton St and further north in the cafe strip.

Agenda should be available soon, contact if you would like to get the agenda sent electronically, or it appears on the council website eventually.

It will only be in draft form so still a chance to influence the final plan and get in early on identifying priorities for implementation. 

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OK, 4 years on. Leichhardt Council was amalgamated into Inner West Council in 2017. After a year or two of chaos the new council is getting its act together and has a working list of bike projects and, they say, a budget of $53 m (sounds big, but is mostly from govt grants, not Council’s own money)over the next 4 years. They have a bicycle Officer, Predrag Gulej, a young engineer who so far is proving keen and bike friendly. The head of works, Wal Pechsler, also has been supportive and has responded quickly to our queries. We have had a number of meetings and most staff seem to be on board.

a Bicycle Working Group has been set up, open to Bike Groups and members of the public. If interested in attending the dates and agendas with minutes are on the IWC Website. Next one in June. Looking for people interested in the long haul and who might stick around to see projects happen


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