In case of someone asking of "Can I ride/get back on bike if I broke a patella?"

Yes, you can ride/get back on your bike 3 months later after doing the physiotherapy. Depending on how do you fared on recuperating but you cannot do 100% before you broke your patella.

You will be in splint and crutches for 6 weeks. You can opted for walking cane after 2 weeks after you asks your surgeon if he/she gives you the go ahead. It will hurt you if you walks long distances.

You will get pains if you try to ride hard but take it easy as you ride and just ride easy to build up the strength and you will not ride faster than you did before but it take a bit long time before you broke it.

For example, I`ve finished Loop the Lake`08 85km ride in 4.5hrs and broke my patella in Sept`08,then finished LTL`09 in 6hrs 15mins and in pains. But as time goes on till LTL`12 had been done in 3hrs58mins and no pains due to different bike.

Hope that anyone don`t break the patella as it is the worst injury than other broken bones. Take care of your patella as you need it to ride. 

I`m lucky in not to be housebound and in despair of not to be able to ride again. But I`m free to ride to enjoy my life`s freedom to go anywhere I needs to go,better than irregular timetable public transport.

After you break your patella, you cannot do hamstring stretches as your heel cannot touch your buttocks.

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