Hey cargo bike folks, I've put my hand up to organise the cargo bike picnic as party of the 2015 Sydney Rides Festival. Does anyone want to help out? I may need a bit of help this year as I have moved to Nowra (cargo bike capital of the South Coast).

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Thanks for handling this, Mark.

What sort of help are you seeking?


Likewise, if you can tell us the help needed (and timeframe) it'll be worth seeing who can help.

(Ps:I'm not a Cargo bike person (yet), and I'm going to be away now and then including most of June ) 

PPS : Just saw that the Sydney Ride Festival was  11/10/2014 - 25/10/2014  , so I'm guessing it'll be the same period in Spring 2015 

Thanks guys.

Yep looks like Spring Cycle is on the 18th Oct, so Cargo Bike Picnic will be the weekend before, or after. Depends what else is on.

I will need help with distributing posters to shops, sticking up flyers/posters on popular bike routes and possibly posing for media photos.

Also might need help doing a route recon.

Plus I always need help with artwork for posters/flyers, but if I get a grant from City of Sydney then I can pay someone to do it.

.. plus I'm going to a meeting this coming Tuesday in at Town Hall if anyone is enthused.

Hi Mark, 

We are in Melbourne, but happy to help in anyway we can! Just let me know.

Cheers Emmy (DCB)

info@dutchcargobike.com.au / 0395335162 / 0458858713

Any updates?

Would it be a good idea to add this event idea to 'Upcoming Events', to encourage others to go?

What do you hope to happen at this picnic, and where?

Do you hope this to be similar in location and activity to this 2013 event?: http://www.sydneycyclist.com/events/cargo-bike-picnic-2013


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