I'm after new tyres for my cargo.

Looking at the scwalbe website, it seems I could get big apples (currently on the bike) or big bens. Big Bens have a higher load rating (which I'm sure I make use of,) but which is better for mostly on sealed road use? All the reviews seem to just say that Big Bens are perfect and leave it at that. But nothing can be perfect, if they were so good, why would anyone buy a big apple?

Anyone know how they compare?

Or where I can get them?

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No Big Ben experience, although the they look good, but have used Fat Franks which I love for the look and the bouncy comfort, although they wear out quickly. Big Apples seem good too and harder wearing, so far. I've got a set of Halo brand tyres on the Mundo, which I don't really like, but the buggers just won't wear out.

I generally use Schwalbe for all my tyre replacement, MTB or commuting, but I order them all from OS sites. Getting the right options/colours/size/price is just too hard from the LBS.

What about solid tyres for your cargo bike, instead of Schwalbe?

What do you mean by solid tyres?

what like, no air in them? or is that a brand?

Solid airless truly puncture proof tyres.

Many colours.

About three brands.

They'd be a bit hard and uncomfortable don't you think? Especially on rough Australian shart shared user paths?

I'm not sure.

But I'm willing to try.

Are you?

Not sure if I ever came full circle on this, but: I did end up getting big bens.

They are a fantastic tyre, and in my opinion are better for Australian conditions than big apples.

They have the shock absorbency of the big apples, but the solid feel of the marathons.

From what I can tell, they are just as fast rolling as most of the other heavy duty/ commuter oriented tyres, though on the electric assist, it would nigh impossible to tell anyway.

I also find the bigger tread than apples give them better grip on the rubbish/ dirt covered roads

where did you get them from?

Got them from the good old U S of A.

Got a colleague in the US office to order them online with his US credit card, as the schwalbe website didn't take international. Then my boss picked them up when he was over there for work. A lot of drama for a set of tyres really.


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