Hi guys,

we've started importing Omnium Cargo Bikes from Denmark, selling through Omafiets and Glow Worm bicycles. They're a great general purpose cargo bike, more towards 'courier' than 'family' would be a lazy generalisation but perhaps useful to describe them.

They handle like a 'normal' bike and are quite light. They have no problem going up and down the harbour bridge ramp and you can load heavy, bulky and long things on its tray quite easily. It's not a 'box' style bike so you would probably have to do some tying down of things. No particularly ready-made child carrying options but there's enough space to be creative.

So if I were to generalise some more, I would rattle off a few more descriptors:

- better for long distance/fast riding/unassisted (non-electric) than box bikes
- better for big things than a box bike because there's nothing to 'contain' your load, so it's as much as you're confident tying down
- better than a long tail (Yuba or eZee Expedir) for carrying big/heavy stuff because the tray is at the front and is lower and wider

- worse than box bikes for short trips involving very small children/shopping (because you can't just throw everything into a box and keep going)

We can convert these to electric using the eZee Conversion kit. More info here: http://omafiets.com.au/products/omniumcargocompletebike

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