they are located at 94 Meeks Road, Marrickville NSW 2204

but doesn't seem like an operational cafe. (and yes, the Google Maps picture is outdated) 

I need a change from my regular Campos beans - any other options to recommend trying? 

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Not sure about Di Lorenzo, I'll ask a friend who knows that sort of thing.

But, have you tried Toby's Estate ? Much better than Campos :)

Re: Di Lorenzo - Thanks in advance! 

Re: Toby Estate: Yes, I got (or was gifted) a bag sometime back and don't recall being enthusiastic about it at that stage.

Maybe I should elaborate, I've tried several of the easier to get bean brands, (ie  the ones in supermarkets/markets) and a couple in the inner west (eg Coffee Alchemy, Bean Tempered)  and looking for other bean roasting cafe/operations.

Thanks! looks very interesting and not far from Don Lorenzo (no relation to Di ... that I know of!)  - which is under new management... I wonder how the food is going there now.


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