I have just moved to Sydney and have a job in Werrington. I'd like to live in the eastern suburbs, but have no interest in driving my car for 1hr 45min each morning to work. Instead, I'd like to bike to central station and then take the train west.

I'm wondering if people have any experience taking their bike on board. I would be traveling against traffic. So, I'm hoping it wouldn't be too busy and their would be room for my bike.

Also, is the traffic through the parks from Randwick to Central Station manageable -or would biking in that area be suicide?



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The bad news is that CityRail require you to buy a separate ticket for your bike during peak hours regardless of direction. I've never heard of it being enforced personally. Also, the gates and access ways to Central aren't really designed for bike access for passengers, so you'd want to pre-plan your route through the station to find the extra wide gates, avoid escalators where possible / etc. I think you'd be better off avoiding it and going to Redfern station instead, since it's still on the Western line.

It's almost as if they didn't want people to cycle....
I know someone who regularly takes a bike on the morning westbound, western line train and then cycles the second half of the commute (where there's no trains but a new cycleway!). This person boards the train in the innerwest and gets off beyond Parramatta and doesn't buy a ticket for their bike on principle (and is happy to go to court and argue their principles if it comes to it). This person hasn't had inspectors asking to see the ticket for the bike.
Hi Chris, I often take my bike on the train. I try to travel outside of peak hour but even the times that I have the passengers are quite cool with the extra space I take up. If you are travelling against the 'traffic' than you will be fine.

Yes, you are suppose to buy a child's ticket for your bike but there was once that I didn't buy one and the inspectors were on the train. It was close to the end of peak hour and I said right out that I didn't have a ticket for my bike because my mind was on other things and that I normally buy a ticket for my bike (which I do). They were cool but other inspectors mighn't be.

The last time I took my bike on the train was Friday afternoon and despite buying my ticket at the ticket counter and asking if I needed to buy a ticket for my bike I was told I didn't need one. He said that peak hour doesn't start until 3.30pm but at the time I was buying the ticket it was 3.20pm.

So, while, yes, you do need to buy a child's ticket I don't think that's a big drama if you haven't got one.
If the weather turns bad I sometimes take the train from Wolli Ck going south - this is between 5:30 - 6:00 weekdays.
I don't buy a ticket 'on principle'.
Over four years of occasional train travel with my bike in the rear carriage I have never had any police/rail-uniformed type people every ask me for a ticket for my bike - even spent time chatting with them about bikes, lights etc.

The 'child' ticket, I suggest, should be treated as one of life's little irrelevancies - like Elvis impersonators or Xmas in July!

I only started cycling in the last month, I bought 2 bikes a MTB and a folding bike mostly for commuting purposes.

I work at 3 different sites and have taken my Dahon Eco 3 bike on the train and ferry 4 times and It's absolutely no problem fitting it in the train or anywhere even in peak hour, plus you dont have to buy a $2 child ticket. I've manage to even fit it in between the 3 seater section on the train.

I also take my MTB on the train from Lidcombe to Circular Quay. This too is fine expept I do have to buy a $2 in peak travel times and when coming back on the train after work, I get to Cirqualr Quay just before 5pm, I would not want to be on the train later than that when all the office people finish, it would get a little squishy.

Although I should add that I have never been asked for the $2 ticket either. I have enquired with city rail what happens if I get on the train just before peak hour, how will the collectors / inspectors know? The answer I got was you just tell them what service you got on at what station before peak hour and your OK.........so if you have to catch the train around peak hour or after just have a before peak hour service in the back of your mind and i who knows, maybe mid way you had to stop at a station and go to the loo and thats why your on the train with a bike at 8am without a ticket...
I know its boring to compare Sydney to Europe, but this is an Austrian train I traveled on. It has a special carriage that can take 50 bikes (free of charge).

Brilliant, DW. And I am not just referring to the lovely reflective tyre walls.

Compare that with the crap provision on our intercity trains. One hook in one "luggage" alcove at the end of each car. Do cyclists always travel alone? Why Is it necessary to force cyclists travelling together to ride in separate carriages? It isn't necessary; it's dumb, inconsiderate and bloody pathetic, but it's CityRail so we expect nothing else.

Of course, no-one leaves luggage in the "luggage" section; it would get stolen. Why not have both "luggage" alcoves set up with hooks so that bikes could be hung if they are free, as they always are?

This is one of the things I will be asking my local MP Gladys Berejeklian to fix when she is Transport Minister next March. Roll on the election!
I've taken my bike on the train many times. It helps to get in one of the end carriages as they are less crowded and most don't have a seated area so you're unlikely to be blocking anybody getting in and out the doors. I lock my bike to one of the poles in the vestibule area, and then go and sit in a seat until I reach my destination. It's pretty easy and stress-free.

If you're coming from Randwick you may as well go to Redfern via Centennial Park and over one of the the overpasses over South Dowling St, then Telopea/Zammit St, Redfern St (or the laneways either side of Redfern St). Not hard once you get used to it.
Thanks for the tips. My bike and the rest of our belongings have made it through customs and should arrive tomorrow. I'll see how the commuting goes. Looking forward to it -I have not enjoyed driving my car to work everyday the past few weeks. Thanks again.


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