What do others do when you see cycleways/lanes blocked by cars, milling pedestrians, loading trucks, etc.?


Recently on Kent St a young woman's car broke down.  Like a good driver, she pulled off the road and parked, where else, smack in the middle of the cycleway at 5:30pm where 10 cyclists had to hop onto the footpath per minute.  I suspect 9/10 drivers would have done the same, rather than block traffic.


Around Mosman it's the cycle lanes next to cars, which are completely unusable because cars don't park close enough to the edge.


Attached is the Taxi queue behind Darling Harbour on Darling Drive where the cycle lane becomes a convenient extension.  I snapped this photo and they all drove off.  One guy came up behind me very close, like he was going to bump me, obviously trying to intimidate me. I didn't get his #.


I feel like we need to be vigilant in defending the small bit of infrastructure we have, but when you confront people you realize quickly that it never occurred to them that it's bad behaviour.



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kick their mirror on the way past and then a "Sorry mate, didn't see you there in the cycle lane". Just kidding. I use examples like this as a reason why I don't use cycle lanes most of the time.

I find that the College St bike path often has pedestrians walking on it, especially the section between William and Macquarrie, where there is no footpath next to it. When I’ve confronted people they usually ignore me and keep walking, or sometimes hop onto the small concrete strip between the bike lane and the wall. Several times I’ve had people have a go at me about how cyclists always run red lights, cut in front of cars, etc. I find the most firm but non-aggressive approach is to tell them that if they walk on the bike path they’ll get hurt, which is unlikely but certainly possible.

In terms of cars, I guess the best thing to take photos of anything that is blatantly breaking the law. I would send this photo to the taxi company, and next time get a photo of each cab clearly showing the licence plate and that the cab is in the bike lane. They can be fined for stopping in illegal zones.

We'll keep on taking photos and someone will do something about it.

Taxi drivers are just upset as more people are cycling instead of taking a cab.

Its also good promotion - he gets you scared so you don't ride a bike - and use a cab instead. You probably started riding a bike because others were riding a bike - but if you stop - less people will see people riding and will stop riding as well or not take up riding - and they will take taxis/continue to take taxis.

In terms of them parking in a bike lane - we'll just ride in the car lane - when a car runs us over - we'll just say it wasn't my fault - the cars were in the bike lane - that's why I died - someone might do something about it.

I hassled them again this week.  Just as enough polite (say 5m away) bell-ringing has improved pedestrian awareness (well, in my opinion it has improved) maybe if we all politely ask the Taxis to move they'll learn.
I dont think it is a bike lane if the google street view is still relevant. It is a left turn lane for cars. There are No Stopping signs though, so the taxis are definitely illegally stopping there. Bit of a too clever design IMO, with cyclists seemingly being directed in to the lane at the roundabout through that narrow gap between the traffic island and the kerb. However the lead in lane is not continuous or signed as a Bike Lane through the roundabout so you have the option of using the roundabout like a car, if you can take the lane safely on entry into the roundabout. The few times I have used that bit of road recently I have not felt the gap is wide enough and I wasnt certain what I was supposed to do through the roundabout, so I suppose other cyclists might also be confused.

Wow - you're right.  I didn't see the arrow under the Taxi.  I guess the dashed line means it's not a cycle lane, despite the painted bicycle on it.  I'll go apologize to them for the harassment tomorrow.

@Bob, I'd be very interested in what you think about the next roundabout south, just before the tram tracks.  It's a death trap, in my opinion, if you stay on the green because it cars are exiting across your path.


On my commute I ride on several back streets that have a bicycle painted in the middle of the lane going each way and no other marking. I don't know if that really means anything other than something like "We've painted a bicycle on the street because we're a bicycle aware council" or something along those lines. Does anyone have any other ideas of what this might mean?

They alert drivers that cyclists will be in the middle of the lane.  They alert cyclists that cyclists can be in the middle of the lane.  They are surreptitiously used by councils as route markers because the councils are too povvo to follow Ausroads standards and install signage.

So, pretty much as I had assumed. Very helpful.


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