The last five days have brought thunder and lightning, hail and torrential rain in the afternoons. I'm not saying that this is a sign of climate change or anything (maybe it is). Cycling in this kind of weather can be exciting of course, but there are a few dangers involved: wind gusts, tree branches flying around, flash floods, poor visibility and lightning strikes. So far, all my life I've been riding through these things, even enjoying it sometimes. It hasn't been happening very often however. It may be that we are heading for more frequent extreme weather.

What are your thoughts and approaches for commuter cycling through thunder storms and weather extremes?

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Thanks for sharing the story. It's understandable that you're not too keen on lightning photography. So that brown snake story was you as well. I'm glad you lived to tell both tales.

Henning,  in some warm seasons, I've not seen a snake all season ... then at other times my feet hardly leave the handle bars.

It's the large Geckos that are the worry around here, more than the slithering snakes. The Geckos are not fast movers, I'd not like to run over one. Dispatching one would cause me grief. This one is trying  to crack-on to one of my handle grips ... and bar end.


PS, Merry Christmas and fair tail winds.

That's very compassionate of you.

The other reptile that doesn't "run" away usually is the Death Adder. I've had a few run ins with them in the Ku-Ring Gai Chase nat park. Never bitten though.

Same to you re Christmas and tail winds.



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