Hey Guys,

i'd like to start some cyclocross training. I'm a complete newbie for it, does anyone know where to take some lesson? Or is anyone interested in training as well ?



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I asked this question of various people at the Sydney Summer Prestige Cyclocross Series races and was basically met with a blank look. I did absolutely no training, other than watching a few youtube videos - so I knew in theory how to dismount/mount smoothly.

If I may offer my opinion as a newb CXer coming from commuting and audax:

1) Fitness - sprint kind of fitness, not long distance kind.

2) Balls to just go for it

Seriously, the only CX specific skill I came across was dismount/mount. I can smoothly dismount, but the remounting is hard because I am instinctively worried about hurting my balls (had to be said) and even after just 15-20 minutes or so the fatigue due to crap fitness turned me into a retard while trying to clip back in (see video on my blog post). The rest of it is just MTB/offroad skills really - I do not have these either and I can't justify 2-3 grand to buy a proper MTB to learn them and my old hard tail would not survive proper training.

The only real problem (as in had no idea what to do other than jump off and run) I had skills (and balls) wise was a berm in the last race. It was pretty steep with a > 90 degree right turn at the top. It was only on the penultimate lap when a friend shouted out "unclip your right foot and put it down at the top" when I got the idea of how to deal with it. However, I still shat myself and ended up running it :( - pussy.

In summary, I'd love to do training/classes etc. However, I do not really have the time. Fitness and MTB skills are what you need. So, I'd suggest you look around for a MTB group or whatever, nobmob maybe? Fitness is up to you I guess.

Hey Stefano

Racing is starting up this Saturday up at Terry Hills, we've got Avanti & Scott bikes there before hand from 10am for demoing.  Maybe next round we can organise a pre-race clinic


Depends on what type of bike you would like to ride. A mtn bike and a cx bike will require different skills
I am self taught and as such really hate the teacher. Not many racers in Sydney so I do it for the fitness as I find just riding a bike on the tar becomes quite dull.
I ride ss around flat parks on grass with intervals of unclipping and running beside the bike and then hopping back on.  
The set up in terms of saddle height and gearing and then the speed of how you go about things is what makes the whole thing work or not.


If you are keen you could pick up an entry for this on some other forums ( rotoburn)...


Note the 50 and 100 k cx and I will be one of the 100k fools

Speaking to boxhead last we thought a syd cyc gravel grind in the Blue mountains would be a good idea > Stay tuned
I also think some sort Sydney CX workshop would be great but would prefer to avoid mud.

Thanks for all the replies guys,

yeah i started training a little, simply mounting/dismounting without being clipped in. I find it pretty hard so far, especially mounting back on. But i'm glad to see that there are races being organised and that people are doing it. I'd like to get involved since no-one i know does cyclocross. I will come and check the race in Terry Hills this Saturday if i can, sounds like fun! Unfortunately the entries for the event baa baa is talking about are sold out already.

If you guys know of any website/blog/group where i can find information about cx in Sydney please let me know !

Thanks !


Best place to find out about things happening in Sydney is https://www.facebook.com/CyclocrossOz (which I see you've just found)

Entries may have sold out but you can usually pick up one up on the rotorburn forums


Go along and race. To put the grade C/D Open race into perspective, even a gumby like me can get a podium finish, twice, and win the series (by default, but a win is a win ;) LOL) and you have more CX experience than I did on the first race, seriously check my blog on this site. Just get there an hour or so before hand and do a couple of laps (even if you wuse out of actually racing) - and have fun! Nobody at that level takes it very seriously and there is bugger all attitude from people in the proper race and A/B open who know what they are doing, in fact quite the opposite.

I can't make this Saturday, but will turn up for as many races as I can.

If you are on Facebook, http://www.facebook.com/CyclocrossOz is about as good a blog as I can find for Oz related CX stuff.


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