After a two year break Summer Cyclocross racing returns to the Northern Beaches with a new course, brought to you in conjunction by Manly Warringah Cycling Club and Manly Warringah MTB.

Round 1 - December 3rd
Round 2 - December 17th
Round 3 - January 7th
Round 4 - January 21st

Registration will be open from 8 am with racing to kick off from 8:40.

Entry will be $10 with either Cycling Australia & MTBA Licences accepted. MTBA Day licences are available for $20.

It should go down something like this....

8:40 Open & Sport (30 minutes)

9:50 Prestige Class (40 minutes)

What do the classes mean?

Open - If you're a A or B grade road or Mountain Bike rider this is the class for you. Any bike suitable for racing is allowed (mountain bike or cyclocross bike)

Sport - If you're a C or below grade road or Mountain Bike rider, or even a novice racer wanting to see what it's about this grade is for you. Burglers will be frowned upon

Presitge: This is grade is open to anyone, as long as your bike satisfies the requirements for a cyclocross bike. Riders in this class can race the Open/Sport race also (Entry to both races will be $15)

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