1. Can jump the curb when cut off by a taxi
  2. Cut through a park when I need a detour
  3. Can do the occasional group bunch ride ( flat bars are shunned in pack riding)
  4. Big tires for off road fun, thin tires for long distance road riding
  5. Get bored on the road? Bunny hop some median strips!
  6. Cyclocross bikes are faster than an MTB or 29er on the road
  7. Replace suspension with bike handling skills
  8. Road bars are better in traffic (thinner more clearance) and hill climbing (more hand positions)
  9. Road bike acceleration and MTB stopping power (no wimpy road bike brakes)
  10. Frame is more durable than fancy single purpose road frames
  11. Can make a good touring bike with the addition of a rack
etc etc...

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What I find really enjoy about my CX bike is fast laps on a grass oval at night.
Sounds odd, but with no traffic, no people, no other bikes and no need to concentrate on potholes, all you need is a fair set of lights and you find a "zone" with the right gear vs. speed, it almost becomes quite Zen like.
Hard work on the grass so a great way to build up fitness. Set a time and see how many laps or how far you can go. Next time try and build up the number of laps. Try it you may get hooked.
Resistance training - cool idea! A crisp morning ride on north sydney oval would suit this too - must try it...
10/10! Nice work. I really want to get my hands on a cyclocross bike but I seemed starved for choice in Sydney. Any ideas on where to go or websites that ship internationally? big cheers
Cheeky monkey maybe helpful for bikes in Aust. http://www.cheekytransport.com.au/

Lots of good info here to help you sort the wants and needs http://forums.roadbikereview.com/forumdisplay.php?f=47

bikeman.com is a good cx online supplier and seem to be keen to do more in oz. If you find something you like, send them an email to see what can be done to get the costs of freight down.

If you are after a single speed or a hub geared I recommend on-one stuff, good frames (same type of frame tubing as a surly cross check) and the fully built up bikes are well specked with good bits and it seems cheap freight to oz http://www.on-one.co.uk/c/q/bikes/urban

To me if you need one bike to do it all go CX.
If two, get a CX and then a 29er running drop bars = monster cross.

Great response, thanks baa baa!!

A 29er with drop bars - now there's a mutant machine not to be messed with!

bikeman.com stocks the Ridley x-fire which is the bike I have my eyes on but it's out of tock at the moment so I'll have to keep looking around.

Cheeky monkey used to stock more than they do so I'll have to keep looking for a place to go for a trial ride before I purchase anything as well.

Avanti have the Circa 1 for under $1,500 http://www.avantibikes.com/cross/circa1.aspx?bid=434 (I think they're closer to $1,000).  I have a Circa 2 (ex demo).

I commute 4 days a week.  I bought this bike just before Christmas.  I enjoy riding it so much that I have extended my AM and PM rides from the minimum 5-10km to 20+km each way with some meaty hills thrown in.  Admittedly I have moved off an old Trek MTB with slick tyres but still...

Given me a whole new lease of life on cycling!


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