OK, who was the DHBC rider who overtook me and LBUG today on The Crescent shared path and almost got skittled by a car emerging from James Craig Drive when they didn't stop for the red bike light?

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I echo Bob’s sentiment, I understand that blokes wish to train and potentially go hard however that said, there were slow(er) riders, peds and prams on that stretch when two DHBC liveried gents breezed past.

Foregone conclusion that infrastructure within that precinct is not ideal, but come on, we are all ambassadors for the cycling community, stick a hand up and say D’OH! if nothing else.

Bob, I've posted on the DHBC forum. Sounds like a pretty dumb thing to do.


As a ride leader within the club and a long serving exec member, we pride ourselves on being one of the few clubs where our members are not allowed to ride through red lights (unless a safety issue, or the road sensors don't work as allowed under Australian Road Rules).


I get very upset when I see this happening, and most members have learnt to obey road rules when we ride as a club. Clearly several riders out by themselves were not doing the right thing, out of sight of the club, but not out of your sight and the rest of the public.

Thankyou for bringing this to our attention, and we are very sorry to have shown a bad example and brought the reputation of other cyclists down in front of other road users.

Thanks for the response. None of us are perfect and that bit of path gives plenty of opportunities to show it. We waited so long for the red bike light to change we went across against it too. I do wonder why serious roadies wouldn't just use the road through there. Same conclusion on the Bay Run path.


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