Hi folks,

Just a bit of advance warning, I'm planning a Brompton Owners' Picnic for Sunday 14th October 2012 as part of the Sydney Rides Festival. Ride from Newtown to Circular Quay then fold the bikes and hop on the ferry to Cockatoo Island. 

If anyone has any feedback/bright ideas/cunning plans to make it a success please let me know.

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Now that is the type of forward planning I like. If only the Tweed Ride would do it. Now having happily arrive at Cockatoo Island with our Brompton by our side what do we do to get home?


When you want to call it a day you can catch the ferry back to Circular Quay then ride/train/bus home. I'm working on the logistics of picnic blankets / food baskets etc.

I like it. I'll be there.

Damn! I just booked tickets to 'swan lake' (russian ballet)on that day. I would love to meet up with other Brompton owners before that day (maybe centennial park picnic or something?) ATM my Brommie is attached to a bike trailer until my 6 year old can ride a bike for herself!:s...but we go everywhere!

Melea, I am very impressed with your trailer set up. I'm also impressed with how well you have handled all the media attention. You are a superwoman!
I will put it in my diary. I would very much like to attend and Sundays are usually good for me. I would also like to met more of the other bromptons owners. I have recently seen another one in Summer Hill but haven't caught the owners eye yet.
Oh bugger I just noticed I'm manning the AshBUG stall at the Festival of Haberfield on that day, so I'm not sure I can make it in.
I had a great day. Thank you to everyone who organized it and all those great Brompton owners who attended.

Great photo Leonardo...! great to see a child seat in there too. (Thanks for your positive comments BTW!) I have my new 'set up' on my page...its a bit 'wonky' adding a tandem type half bike to my brompton, but it serves its purpose..its just a matter of time we get used to it! what a shame I missed, next time, definitely!

Here is a better photo of the child seat. And BTW you are welcome!


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