Currently riding  a 2011 model 8 speed ,modified with 47 tooth chainring giant grips,horns quick release pedals and shortened rear fender for better folding 82*35*65.Taking multi-model adventures around Sydney,Central coast and Newcastle.

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What was the distance of the ride from Kellyville to the CBD? Or, did you go in the opposite direction?

51.8k the Going from Rouse Hill station using a dedicated GPS to measure.

After the first 29 traffic lights I stopped counting.Where possible I used cycleways as is my habit.There a re a lot of road sections as you get closer to the city but low traffic and easy to navigate.

Last week Meadowbank to Parramatta  via Olympic park east to west, a nice ride.

A couple of wrong turns added about 3k?

3hrs 40 minutes journey time to Redfern  before heading back to central for a Central coast train.

If i do it again I think 3hrs or there about?

If you have 16" wheels some parts will be tough going I think?Thinking of a Brompton 

 as the bus sections can be problematic with my Expressway.


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