So, it seems that those that control the trains hate bikes (at least during "peak" times). They do have an exception, a folded bike that is in a bag. My response to hearing that was, "So, you allow bags on the train"...

... Anyway, I have now ventured into the world of the foldable bike, and here is my new toy:

I've already taken a tube cutter to the handlebars and took about an inch from each end. They now have a similar width to a road bike's handlebars. I've also ordered an adjustable handlebar stem so I can drop the handlebars by about 10 to 15 cm. This will result in the bike having the same geometry as my road bike. I'm also considering aero bars or bullhorn type handlebars those wanky fixies have (ha). I would need to work out how to reduce the width when folded though.

The front chainring set is 39 and 53 teeth. The cassette is a Shimano 11-32T 8 speed. With this setup, I've estimated that I should be able to achieve average speeds equatable to my road bike (more so once I get the geometry dialled in).

Front and read disc brakes. I've never had discs before, hopefully they're good.

The pedals are foldable, but I'm considering ripping the clips off my road bike so I can get the benefit of clipping in.

I got my bad delivered today (it is on the rack in the photo), so tomorrow I'm going to take the bike out for it's first ride to determine speeds etc, and to get everything dialled in. Then I'll be taking it on the train with me.

My plan is to get off the train early and do a 23km ride into the office (then repeat it in the evenings). My ultimate goal is to do that and pass some (if not all) of the time trial riders (there are a lot here in the west).

Here is the online shop that I got the bike from (It only took Australia Post a week to deliver it). The website has more photos and specs.

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Welcome to the folding fraternity. Have you tried carrying it folded or can it be wheeled when folded? Is there a comfortable balance point for carrying? I assume the seat post slides all the way to the bottom bracket. My Bike Friday can fold but it is not quick or easy like a Brompton.

It doesn't fold as much as a Brompton. The seat post does go right through to become a stand for the bike when folded. The handlebars do stick out to the side a bit. I'm hoping that with the replacement stem I got (from eBay so it should arrive some time next year) I should be able to remove the handlebars from the stem to have it a bit thinner. Currently it folds to just within the Transperth requirements (width is 5cm over - but I've not seen a guard with a ruler). In the bag I got I can easily sling it over my shoulder to carry it. I've also since replaced the pedals. I was going to ride today, but laziness got the better of me. I might add that was advantageous as there were delays on the network this afternoon resulting in very full trains.

I can fold the bike in about 20 seconds, I can fold it and pack it in the bag in under a minute. The reverse is a bit longer due to the need to fold and stow the bag. So my ride will be around 20km, so I'm hoping it goes well.

Oh, I should add that I took it out on Sunday for a spin (with the folding pedals) and I was able to get above 30km/h on it in top gear. Not bad on the flat road.


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