So, I've done some mods to my foldable - still a work in progress, and I thought I would share some pics.

I've done the following:

- added clipless pedals (donated from my road bike)

- replaced the bigbutt seat with a spare rode bike one I had

- replaced the handlebar stem with an adjustable. I also cut down the stem to drop it even further

- new "bull horn" handlebar and handlebar bracket

To do:

- add bar end brake levers (on order)

- add small thumb shifters (on order)

- update brake lines (current cables are not long enough for bar end brake levers

- wrap the handlebar (on order)

Once done, I'll be happy to ride this on weekends with the roadies.

Almost ready to race

Folds smaller than the original thanks to the new placement of the handlebars.

The only question I still have: Should I remove the rack and mudguards?

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Peter, mud guards are perhaps an indulgence but a rear rack always seems to come in handy especially when you need a place to carry some wet weather gear and tools and a spare tube etc MattS

Bar end brake levers are installed. I had lots of fun with them... They were for a 20mm internal diameter handlebar and I had 18.2mm internal. Fortunately their design allowed me to reduce the diameter of them without impacting their strength.

Next will be the thumb shifters and then the bar tape. And then I'll be ready to take on the roadies ;)

My bike is done and I've already taken it out...

top speed 52km/h (downhill).

It actually rides like a very twitchy road bike

For commuting too, or just for fun? It’s very compact for train travel.

For commuting. Transperth has restrictions on bikes during peak hours. Folding bikes in bags within a certain size. With my changes, the bike just fits within their sizes. Previously it was too wide by about 5cm when folded.

Lucky you Sydney buses don't allow bikes period .But in a bag they don't know but it has to be 70*50*60 Only Brompton and Dahon Curl fit in that.Unlike you at 86*36 *68.

Your mods look Great.My express I just cut off a bit of the rear mudguard so it would be 16mm shorter to pack and can be stood on the wheels making it taller than wide.


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