Simple - just let us see a photo of the folding bicycle that you ride.

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Hi CM,

The left pedal looks unusual in the photo, have you done something to it?

Yes Garry,  I folded it!  ;-)

This is a standard feature on Bromptons.  It reduces snagging and the overall width of the bike when folded. 


Ah yes, it looks like only the left one folds then, as the other one does not protrude when the bike is folded. Very neat design.  Both pedals on my BendR fold, but not so compactly. Thanks for the photos.


Well I just got mine only this week from America!

P3R 2011

I'm so pleased , very happy man!



Love the bike Jake...I'm about to order a P6R superlight and wondered if you bought your P3R from NYCe or 2nd hand via eBay or similar??? (Or maybe you just went to the US on holidays and bought it then!)  Just want to check out all options before parting with the BIG $ for the Brompton, so hope you don't mind me asking.

Now you've had the bike for a few weeks, what are your thoughts on it? Anything you'd change on your model? Adding any accessories? I want to travel with mine - I already own a Trek F400 folder and a Dahon folder. The former is a nice ride but doesn't fold as small as the Brompton and the latter is pretty ordinary!

Got any more pics?

Hello Kerry Blue,

I got it from America (Budget Bicycle at Madison ) I got it as STOCK Brompton Bike so I got it way cheaper. It only cost me $1300 USD for 3spd Brompton. It was meant to buy it because the Racing Green is my eye candy ever since Brompton come up with wide variety of colours. Considering the AUD dollor now I almost got it for $1200 AUD. I added Brooks Honey colour Saddle and Basket rack and I'm ready to go.  There is one on stock right now at Cheeky Transport for $1600 orange and black combo colour M3R. You might be interested to swing buy and look at the unit.  I tried 6 speed but it did not make much difference from 3 speed.  Brompton is the best ever. I would not buy any folding bike but Brompton. Don't buy shimano hub light .It is not worth it. Go as much Basic as you can on accessories! just my suggestion.



Hi Jake

You sound thrilled with your Brompton! I'm envious!  Couple more questions...Did you have to pay GST to bring the bike in to Oz? I'm looking at a P6R-X so unlikely to find one of those "in stock" anywhere but thinking of ordering from the US to save $. I've had a look at the bikes at Cheeky's but I want mine for travelling OS as well as weekend rides and commutes so want the lighter weight. Have you seen a Brompton with the raw laquer finish? Costs more but looks like it could make the bike go faster!!!!! Appreciate your advice re the lighting - the dynamo lights were horrible when I was a kid, refusing to work when the tyres got wet, and making the bike a lot harder to push - and I can't afford the hub light although it looks like a smart addition. Sounds like good advice to go basic!

Hi, if you purchase online from America, you will have to pay extra  $350+ on UPS shipment. This include all customs and delivery to the door. If you are in America and purchase Brompton , you can consider the bike as part of your luggage or hand carry. I would still consider buying Brompton in America because of the Aussie Dollar. You will still save a bit of money and you will get the bike in few days not like if you order it from Australia, it might take 6 weeks delivery and of course expensive. P6R - X  is more than PERFECT! First, P handle is perfect in Sydney roads, you have better posture and you feel supported and there's this sturdy feeling while biking. M type does not have that feel. 6 speeds is perfect however, you might be disappointed that it will take seconds to move speed to another because of of BIG space in between. Like I said , no difference between 3 speed and 6 speed if Sydney biking. In saying this , you can only get STOCK model of P model at 6 speed anyway. X frame is awesome however, remember that Brompton was originally made in Steal and made to bike in Steal. The aluminium is good but..... a kilo lighter would not make a difference in carrying your bike or even biking.

The raw lacquer finish is ridiculously AWESOME!  but it would really look so RAW for people who does not know Brompton! and you need to pay extra for that. 

I only got normal lighting for Brompton and it is perfectly fine. less weight too.


When you get your brompton let's catch up and let's do brompton biking in CBD. 


Don't own a 20, but a 26" folding MTB. With a few mods it makes a good tourer , both on and off road. Fenders come off regularly and both of us get dirty.
This is the way it looks at present, fenders will go on soon, for the rainy weather. It is a 2008 Montague Paratrooper, continually in the process of being modified. Ultimately will travel back to Japan and spend 3 months riding North to South , so the fenders will help somewhat, as I will be there next year in the rainy season.Carry front and rear Ortlieb Roller bags and an Ortlieb duffel on the rear rack for tent sleeping bag etc; have clocked up about 5000kms so far with no frame problems (it is Aluminium) giving serious thought to a rear internal gear hub (Alfine or something similar).

I've loved small wheels ever since my Dad gave my Mum a Raleigh RSW 16 (non-folder) in 1967 - It's still pristine and sitting in my shed (the bike,not my Mum!) ... I've recently added a Trek F400 to my two-wheel fleet (road bike, hybrid bike, Dahon folder, another hybrid etc). It's in brand new condition despite being around 6 years old and is a fabulous ride. Sadly it will have to go when my new Brompton arrives. Trek only offered folders for one year, I think in only two models, F400 and F600. Haven't ever seen the latter on the road. Apparently Dahon had a hand in this bike too.


That's an interesting looking clasp on the frame hinge Kerry.  How well does that work in practice?  I presume the large U-shaped plate works somewhat similar to the wire lid clips on old preserving jars?



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