On the commute home, saw two of NSW finest riding on the footpath!

They were heading north down the Sunny Holt Rd bike path then turned right on to Sackville st and continued riding on the foot path.

They were going a reasonable speed too.

I would say this is a good win, when the people that enforce the law openly break it because it is so ridiculous, if not dangerous to adhere to.

Wish I had a camera with me so as to provide evidence if anyone ever got booked.

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I see this all the time. The police only ride on the quietest roads, otherwise it's the foot path. It's a powerful indictment of their ability to make the roads safe.

I think I have previously recounted on this site the words of an acquaintance who was a serving police officer at the time and who moonlighted in a certain bike shop on weekends. (This was 20-odd years ago but I can't imagine much would have changed in this regard.)

He said he would never cycle on-road in uniform because he might as well have a target painted on his back.

One of the easiest & cheapest ways to encourage cycling in NSW would be to allow footpath cycling by all age groups.

The Australian Road Rules (guide only for the states to follow in an effort to standardise road rules across Australia) allow footpath cycling by all ages of riders. Qld, ACT etc have adopted the rule and I think it's only NSW, VIC & SA that have not adopted it.

The large Qld council where I live gets complaints about cyclists riding on shared paths but it doesn't usually get complaints about cyclists on footpaths!

I've reviewed the crash data for 5 years in my area and out of the thousands of bike crashes there were only 10 crashes between bikes and pedestrians. The footpath cycling ban is silly and about as evidenced based as MHL. Although of course there are many situations and some very densely populated pedestrian areas like malls where cyclists need to be responsible and not ride pass people too fast & too close.

Yeah, but you can sprint as fast as most people ride. That’s what I don't get. I can ride a bike, and it is the end of the world. But some drunk bloke on a mobility scooter is fine, despite going really fast, and someone running with is fine, and cars backing over foot paths at great speed is fine, but heaven forbid that someone ride a bicycle.

I drive on the roads and ensure control of my vehicle so as to not to harass other vulnerable road users.
When I cycle on the pavement, I apply the same rule to other vulnerable path users.
Equally, when a vehicle buzzes a cyclist serious injuries or death follows.
Cyclists should be able to ride in peace without FEAR of being struck.

As for being sociopathic or very stupid to advocate pavement cycling, I am not sure why you think this.
It's legal just over the border to QLD and in many , many other countries- first world and civilised ones included.

since I wasn't raised by Australians, along with hundreds of thousands other first generation Australians, will we be left off of this generalisation?

But yes, we do need to slow vehicles down with properly designed roads, or just ban cars from areas of towns and cities.

Will, far from being pariahs my observation of major cities in Japan, France, Germany, Holland, Finland and Austria is that cycling on footpaths is the norm and seen as unremarkable. My own experiance as someone closing in on 70, is that when riding amongst pedestrians that as long as you give respect and consideration it is returned. I have been riding for some 10 years, including leading many rides with my BUG and I have rarely seen a negative event between a cyclist and a pedestrian. I wish I could say the same about automobiles. I'm sorry that you feel the way yo do.
I believe you can ride on the pavement in the Northern Territory, without the death and mayhem you predict.
Many pedestrian deaths occur from cars mounting the pavement, cockheads indeed.

oh dear, a finger has been pointed at me and by someone that does not know how I ride or where, does not know how I treat people around me, has never heard my conversations with pedestrians as we share the brief time we are given to cross a road by road engineers.

I know myself sir and, cockhead, I am not.

I'll let others comment on the fines motorists get for running over pedestrians and cyclists.

Will, I understand the concern for elderly pedestrians. I also advocate pavement cycling which we do have here in Qld so does instantly make me a very stupid, sociopathic, cowardly, craven, selfish dickhead?

Tone is down and take a look at some facts. Here's just a few before I race off to work - including along a few short cut sections of footpath where I rarely encounter pedestrians but if I do I call out in a neutral tone of voice "coming past" and I generally go onto the grass so that I don't get too close to them or scare them.

1/ Yes, there are a small percentage of people who probably do fit your description but the vast majority of people are reasonably sensible. (I'd rather those people rode a bike on a footpath than drove a car since in a car they can and often do cause far more road trauma.)

2/ What's the real risk? Out of 4,000 police reported crash reports over 5 years on the Gold Coast there were only 10 crashes reported between bikes & pedestians on pathways which includes shared paths where most of the incidents and complaints come from here on the Gold Coast. It's very rare to get complaints on footpaths even though many cyclists do use them here. 

3/ Many busy areas (other than malls & in front of shops where cycling on footpaths can be restricted and usually isn't good to ride anyway) already have shared paths. The skinny footpaths tend to be in quieter areas or where shared paths will eventually be built as funds are made available.

4/ Kids are allowed on footpaths and has there been any great outcry or large numbers of elderly pedestrians being startled by them and twisting their knee?

5/ It's cars that kill nearly 200 pedestrians each year and about 30 cyclists. Keep some prospective and do something about the real hazard in our cities - the cars.


Someone you call stupid but has an engineering degree and a fair bit of road safety knowledge since I work in a related field & has been a commuter cyclist for 30 years without ever hitting a pedestrian or causing them injury.

 Peds should be allowed to walk in peace without FEAR of being struck.

I totally agree. In fact, everyone should be able to use their chosen mode of transport without fear.

Unfortunately, the only way most people feel they can travel these days without fear is in a very large motor vehicle. This has resulted in the situation where all available space is given over to ever-busier roads while non-motorised users get to fight over the tiny remaining scraps. 

Until this changes, perhaps in conjunction with an oil crisis and economic dislocation, the conflict is unlikely to end. Unless some politicians see the light and develop backbones.

Police are permitted to cycle on footpaths in NSW. It's legal.

Posties too.


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