Members of the group are invited to deposit herein the post by a Resident they consider the wittiest for the month of June, 2011.

The Tea Lady will be the judge of the best entry, and no correspondence regarding her decision will be entered into unless she happens to be in the mood/is adequately bribed. The Tea Lady reserves the right to appoint someone else to judge if its all getting bit much or she's feeling off.

It may be considered bad form to submit your own post, but that depends on how good it is.

The prize will be.....a pair of lovely new designer Schrader valve caps in the winner's choice of either blue or pink, delivered by bicycle - if you don't live too far away.


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Fully agree. Like Kylie one was greatly amused. We should encourage him to complete the lyrics. I mean that's a seriously filthy song just asking to be exploited. It sits well in the bicyle workshop setting (more filth, if of another kind, to go with the touch of the other kind).

Good one, R.C. Bean! Nice to see you upholding standards and you earn my nomination for October pedant of the month.

Good call to get back on yr bike, though; riding a donkey (that ass you were referring to?) ain't gonna give you any exercise at all!

Love it !!


I agree it is a good one, but as the ass joke has been done before eligibilty could be compromised.

Geez, tea lady, you are hard to please.

However, unless you or someone else has a better nomination, I am thinking Ms Bean should win the fabulous prize this month.


The stroke of midnight is nigh and one hears no nay-sayers.

Well, it looks like pink Schrader valve caps - not quite again as Kerry swapped hers for Presta.

May have to wait until the SC 4000 party for presentation as the 3000 was the last and only time one has encountered the esteemed rococoabean.

Btw, I lost your blue caps but they recently turned up again - I suppose they will have to wait until the next Woop or something.



Kylie may have been MIA for a while but it's nice to see that, despite the hiatus, she hasn't lost it!

Good to see some competition for honours this month from Doc Bean. Even if it is at my expense.


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