Hi all - moving to Rozelle soon, and looking for an informal group to ride with in the mornings - say 20-40kms for training purposes.  Anything come to mind?  suggestions welcome.  thanks. 

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I don't know of any groups specifically in the area, but I know quite a few riders there. Maybe Velofix do a shop ride?

Personally, if I'm looking for a group ride I go to Olympic Park and join the LACC bunch (most mornings, 6am at the train station), though if you're only looking for 20-40kms you're doing half that just getting there

Thanks Jason - I've heard good things about LACC, and some pals ride with them regularly, though they live closer to homebush.  could be an option if it really looks like there's nothing more local. will check out velofix as well - they're at the top of my road, so that would be good!

Balmain Bikes have a group ride every day with a 6.00am start

They meet opposite Rozelle school on Darling Street

Thanks Patrick - good to hear.  Any info anywhere about what they do? - or best to call in?  cheers. 

Best to call in, I think on 2 days of the week they meet at 5.45am


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