Hey all, I'm over in Neutral Bay these days and not able to catch up with the SCC group I used to ride with, looking for a bunch or two to ride with during the week, got to get rid of a nasty case of fatbastarditis I developed over winter :)

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Not sure you need bunch rides, you just need to ride some good hills frequently. You are in a good position to do this from Neutral Bay.

Start at the corner of Kurraba Rd and Clark Rd and proceed north on Rawson, Montpelier, Premier and Lindsay Sts to Ben Boyd Rd. If you like, turn right and return downhill to your starting point and repeat the climb as many times as you like/can.

Otherwise, go left on Ben Boyd, across Military Rd, right onto Belgrave, Winnie, Parraween, MacPherson Sts to Military Rd. Cross into Belmont Rd, riding to Mosman Junction. Take a left off Military Rd down Raglan St to Balmoral Beach, riding north on The Esplanade, then left onto Awaba St, and climb to Spit Rd. Return to Mosman Junction and descend Raglan again, this time climbing back to Spit Junction via Mandolong Rd.

Ride back through Mosman Junction and out along Middle Head Rd, turning right at Chowder Bay Rd and ride to the end. Return to Mosman Junction, climbing the hill past HMAS Penguin out of the saddle in the big chain ring. Turn left at the big roundabout and head along Bradleys Head Rd to Taronga Zoo wharf and climb back to the turnoff into Ashton Park and ride down to Bradleys Head. Return up the hill back to Mosman Junction and repeat any of the hills you have previously ridden.

This is a guaranteed cure for fatbastarditis... or it will kill you.

I take no responsibility for the latter result.
Hi David, I ride road from NB once or twice a week usually on Wednesday, sometimes Thursday, morning or afternoon. Sometimes to Manly for a coffee and people watch, sometimes down to Balmoral and sometimes in to Centennial for a few laps then coffee at Surry Hills on the way home. Occasionally I drive to Terrey Hills for the lovely West Head / Akuna Bay classics. Ride half by myself and half with a mate or two. Happy if you want to come along on some outings. Cheers, AJ.
Thanks for the good juice, part of the bunch ride thing is just motivation, local knowledge and safety.

Ant, would love to catch up for a ride, I'll PM you with my details.
I'm in Crows Nest and could use a riding buddy for rides around NB :) I'm just a newbee though so only up to easy rides right now..
I'm just getting back into it so I'm up for some lower intensity rides, PM me your details and we can work out a time.
Great! Will do
Hello, I live in Neutral Bay and will usually go out to Centennial Park on a weekend morning and am keen to see if anyone would like to join me? I just find going out to Centennial the best place to get a good ride in without all the cars for fitness. I ride a CELL Team road bike. Please lt me know if you would like to come along. Cheers, Mark
I live in Cremorne and have a Giant road bike. I usually go to the edge of the city , Hornsby or Sutherland, to ride. I am available most weekends to ride to CP. Contact me. Cheers, Murray
I ride at least 4 days a week usually early in the morning 6 or 7 am and occasionally a later one starting in Kirribilli. The holiday period is a bit messed up but after new years it will get back to Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday mornings and one day on the weekend.
David, Let's meet up next Tuesday then. Can you contact me direct with the starting point. Cheers,

Hi Murray,

What are the rides to Hornsby/Sutherland like?

I am keen to organise some rides on the weekend.

Kind regards,


Hello all,


I too live in Neutral Bay and looking for likeminded cyclists to join up with. Not so keen in the morning (traffic can be mayhem) but defintely on the weekend I tend to head towards French's Forest and then to Narrabeen. There are some challenging climbs there and back but not too adventurous. However if you want a challenge, then the climbs towards Terry Hills are quite tough and the will bring you back to Neutral Bay in a loop finishing on the Pacific Highway. The total is around 65km.




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