Had a bit of a run-in with a P-Plate driver this afternoon. Will be visiting the police with this video in the morning.

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a-hole. How did you go with the police? Where is this?

Complete AssHole.

It was here : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=maps+cnr+north+rocks+road+statham&am...  corner North Rocks Rd and Statham Ave right outside Christ The King Primary school during the afternoon school 40km/h zone... about 2:45.

As usual, up until I reached this intersection, it was a really quiet afternoon cycle home. When he pushed up beside me, only a few cm from my right leg, I looked at him but really couldnt be bothered getting into another arguement like this one. So I waited while he roared off ... as did all of the cars if you watch the video closely. I pointed at him with my finger and said to myself "You're a F%^$ing idiot". He must have been waiting for a reaction from me (driving off at that speed while watching in the rear-view mirror ... genious) because he slammed on the brakes at that point. Anyway, you can see the rest.

I reported to Castle Hill Police the next morning at 9:00am, with the video on my iPad. Spoke to a very polite and sympathetic young constable and showed her the video. She agreed that he had made a number of traffic violations. She felt sorry for me, but told me that there was little they could do other than "speak to the guy". I told her I wanted an incident number and I was prepared to go to court, but she didnt think there was anything to go to court over ... "... if he had hit you then it would be different ...". I left a copy of the video.

She told me she would contact me by phone or sms with an incident number in the afternoon ... havent heard from her. Im beginning to feel I was being "placated", but will give them a few days grace and contact again next week if I havent heard anything by then.

Anyway, Im sure if had of walked through a shopping centre, pointing a gun at people I'd be in jail by now  ... but at least I wasnt hurt.

I didnt mention this to the cop, but I think Ive seen this guy before. I was forced off the road by a ute a few months back ... same road, same time in the afternoon ... Im pretty sure it was a black ute. The guy stopped, got out of the car and wanted to fight with me because as he crossed double yellow lines and moved over into me, forcing me into the gutter, I made a "wanking" gesture ...he got out screaming ...  I said nothing and just road off. Anyway, it was that incident that got me wearing cameras again after a long break without them.

131 444. Called them last night about kids putting branches on the M7 cycleway and waiting to ambush.

take up to the next level?

Take it further - don't allow it to be fobbed off.  I seem to have had some success because the traffic patrol sergeant seems to have supported further action.

Thanks guys. I'm pleased to report that I received an SMS with an incident number this morning. Will wait a few days and speak to the cops again.

Any further news on this incident?


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