Leichhardt Council at their Traffic Cttee today  agreed to raise PB Rd with RMS, and seek a meeting or at least some response from them, to the idea of improvements for cyclists. They also said they would liaise with CoS to make it a joint effort. I had some indication from CoS that they would support this.

PB Rd goes through Leichhardt LGA to Mallet St, then it is CoS, but it is an RMS controlled road, so they are the decision makers.

I have also have been trying to contact RMS, but found out today the local traffic rep has been on leave over New Year,  so no response as yet.

Hope this sets some wheels turning, and over to the group to suggest any other means of progressing things. Might ask Jamie Parker MP to seek a meeting if nothing eventuates from RMS.

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There are a few dangerous drain grids on both sides of PBR between Taylor St and Fish Market. Probably elsewhere too - will try to enumerate them all soon.
Local traffic rep from RMS Navin Prasad has agreed to have a chat after the next Leichhardt Traffic Cttee on March 7. If anyone around on Thursday they might be able to come along, probably about 1230 or 1 pm, at the Town Hall.
Talked to Navin yesterday and outlined what we are after on PB Rd, basically to have it recognized as a commuter route and appropriate steps taken to improve it for cyclists. Leichhardt Council officer also present, and we used the council mapping system to look at the road, which was useful.

He agreed to forward a letter to Mario, the head of the bicycle network section in RMS. He didn't seem to think the idea was preposterous, so long as we aren't aiming for a separated cycleway, which we (I) aren't, so somewhat encouraged to go ahead.

He said we might ask it be added to the RMS Regional Route network. Opinion?

I also told him of the Wentworth Park Rd corner problem and he said to contact Rodney King from CoS about it. Said we already had.

I will work up a letter to Super Mario and post for comment, but please send in any points you want included.

Rodney King thinks differently, here's the email I sent to him (maybe I didn't highlight the corner enough - the video I thought would) when I was living in COS boundaries, since moved to Leichhardt council and the response I got;


The City has received your request for reduced speed limits on Wentworth Park Road and Pyrmont Bridge Road, Glebe.

The Roads and Maritime Services are responsible for the setting of speed limits and the Service should be contacted directly with your request. Please call 13 17 82 or leave your request on the Services website at;

Yours sincerely

Rodney King
 Area Traffic Engineer
Traffic Operations Unit
City Of Sydney Council
Phone: +61 (0) 2 9246 7585
Fax: +61 (0) 2 9265 9500
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=== Problem ===
The speed limit on Pyrmont Bridge Road is to high for a suburban road, that at peak periods averages ~15kph anyway.

Some of the corners are to wide and sweeping as well, so cars can take them high speed. Wentworth Park road is particularly dangerous and I've nearly been hit a number of times there as a pedestrian crossing Wentworth, even though cars should be giving way pedestrians and on a bike as can be seen; http://youtu.be/g5xHlIEwcuA

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Typical, only address half the problems raised, and then to buck pass. He is aware of the left hook problem, as it was referred to him by the CoS bicycle section (Fiona C). Suggest you write back asking he address this issue specifically. Will include it in letter to RMS, as they would have to approve it anyway. Same with speed limit.

Will do and will send any response onto you, as I should of in the first place.

Do you fellows need any additional letters, as in more voices in the choir?

Sent email in, got auto response that he is on holidays, forwarded on to his replacement Michael Rimac and got phone call back.

Michael sounded genuine enough and said he would talk to Rodney when he gets back next week about it and talking to the RMS would be needed for both. I mentioned that there was talk already happening between Leichhardt, CoS and the RMS already.

I also mention the corner of Dalgety rd and Windmill st in Millers Point has a similar issue and where I was hit recently. The response I got back, when I sent a similar complaint in was from Ajay Nayyar and had a pretty brochure about how it's supposed to look when Barrangaroo is finished - which is a bit to long term for me, since I nearly got hit there last week and a few months before that and ...

Well, I rang Mario Pace in RMS bicycle network section at Blacktown, to sound him out before sending off any submission on PB Rd, and he put me on to Doug Lamont, whom I had met before regarding the Anzac Bridge works. Had a chat today with him and he seemed quite happy to look at PB Rd, said he would get someone to do a preliminary feasibility study, do some bike counts, run it past the network and motor traffic guys. Said I didn't even have to make a submission. But I guess I should send in something just to start a paper trail we can follow up if we don't hear anything.
So what can we do now? Keep riding along it is one thing, in case they do a count. Will hope that CoS will reinforce the message with RMS. Also, keep up any complaints about grates, squeeze points, left hooks, worn out bike logos, etc, which might get back to Mario and Doug. Maybe write some emails to the papers or local MPs on making PB Rd a bike route, even a regional bike route.

Could try for a photo op with local papers, showing the worn out logos, if I can get them interested. Anyone up for a group shot?
Went to the CoS Bicycle Committee meeting yesterday and raised PB Rd in General Business, asking for CoS support. Said I had been speaking to RMS as in previous post. Did not realise until Fiona alerted me that Mario Pace was seated just around from me. He wasnt very sympathetic to the idea, despite Doug Lamont having been more receptive, stating the obvious negatives, like too busy, not suitable, prefer alternatives. I pointed out that building the JunctionSt /St Johns Rd cycleway is in the CoS four years never never land category, and that Junction St is currently one way, despite it being a cycle route. You still need to use PB Rd to get that far. Also, St Johns Rd route goes to Ultimo, via Kelly St, not Pyrmont.

I do think that St Johns is an alternative option though, particularly coming out of town. You can turn left off PB Rd at Colbourne St ( be easier if they moved the road closure barriers a bit to create a gap for cyclists) and get on to St Johns to avoid the narrow bit of PB Rd up to Glebe Pt Rd and the intersection. Get back on to PB Rd at Junction St, but they do need to remove the one way restriction out of Junction. CoS has a design for this, just need to implement it. Should never have been made one way in the first place.
I sent the submission in and have a response from the Bicycle Section s Doug Lamont saying they hope to get funding for an investigation of PB Rd in 2013-14 fiscal year. Keep lobbying CoS and RMS to improve the road. Any bright ideas welcome- like get other riders to join the Group by passing out a flyer on your commute? Posters on poles? Redo a few of those faded logos in rainbow colours?
Accidental like, due fat fingers on tiny ipad, but , hey, it's my thread.


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