Leichhardt Council at their Traffic Cttee today  agreed to raise PB Rd with RMS, and seek a meeting or at least some response from them, to the idea of improvements for cyclists. They also said they would liaise with CoS to make it a joint effort. I had some indication from CoS that they would support this.

PB Rd goes through Leichhardt LGA to Mallet St, then it is CoS, but it is an RMS controlled road, so they are the decision makers.

I have also have been trying to contact RMS, but found out today the local traffic rep has been on leave over New Year,  so no response as yet.

Hope this sets some wheels turning, and over to the group to suggest any other means of progressing things. Might ask Jamie Parker MP to seek a meeting if nothing eventuates from RMS.

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a Dorothy Dixer?

(a Dixie?)

Night work on Pyrmont Bridge Road, Annandale and
Bridge Road, Glebe from Wednesday 8 April
Roads and Maritime Services is carrying out maintenance work on Pyrmont
Bridge Road and Bridge Road between Parramatta Road and Wattle Street, on
behalf of the NSW Government, for a stronger, more durable and safer road.
This $2.6 million project involves concrete slab repairs, removing and replacing of asphalt, kerb and gutter
repairs, installing bicycle safe grates, utility adjustments and line marking.
This work will be carried out from 9pm to 5am between Wednesday 8 April and Friday 17 July,
excluding Saturdays, weather permitting.
Changed traffic conditions
Lane closures will be in place while the work is carried out to ensure the safety of road users and workers.
Road users are asked to follow the direction of traffic controllers, adhere to reduced speed limits and follow
traffic signs. Motorists may experience delays due to these changed traffic conditions.
There will be temporary changes to street parking during this work. Equipment may be parked on side
streets during the day, making this parking unavailable to residents at times.
There will be noise associated with this work, particularly the diamond grinding, but every effort will be made
to minimise the impact on residents and businesses.
We apologise for any inconvenience this work may cause and appreciate the patience of residents and road
For further information, please contact our delivery partner Leighton Bora! Amey Joint Venture on
1800 677 700 or email nswenquiries@lbajv.com.au.
Outside business hours, or for more information on scheduled road work, visit www.livetraffic.com or
download the Live Traffic NSW application or call 132 701.
For more information contact Leighton Boral Amey Joint Venture
T: 1800 677 700 I E: nswenquiries@lbajv.com.au
PO Box 838 Rockdale NSW 2216 REF: A10829.1

Nice spotting Chris. For the record, the RMS has not consulted BIKESydney on these works. We are making enquiries as to the proposed linemarking plans. 

I have forwarded to the LBAJV work office the submission I made to RMS in May, 2013. RMS apparently has officers there to oversee the LBAJV people, who do the actual construction.

The standard line is probably going to be that it is just a maintenance project, so we cant make any changes to the line marking etc, it will just get repainted like it was. Otherwise we will have to consult, do community liaison and get new plans approved.... As if that shouldnt be the norm if major works are being done!

Time to email RMS in support of including safer cycling facilities on PB Rd in this project- can use the RMS feedback link on front page of Sydney Cyclist and maybe snail mail to the Rockdale office in previous post.

Amazingly, RMS are agreeing to a look at a new  line marking plan. There is talk of a meeting and of suggestions being put forward. Hoping something will come of this.

Anyone interested in having a planning meeting in the near future so we can collate bright ideas? will coordinate with BikeSydney on this. Feel free to send in here  any ideas on what you would like to see on PB Rd, or PM me.

For developments since 2015 see updates on the background page and on the Comment Wall. Sadly, no great news. RMS wont budge, despite  some pressure from CoS and IWBC at a meeting in February 2017.

There has been some minor work along PB Rd. RMS did resheet the road so it is smoother, and removed the wide tapered median and refuge near Wooley St, only to add build outs which constrict the wide lane.  Also the new wide refuge at Cross St has created a classic squeeze point westbound. CoS put in a bypass through the road closure at Colbourne Av, so you can get to St Johns Rd and avoid the uphill to Glebe Pt Rd. CoS also put in a contraflow lane on Junction St so you can exit Junction St to PB Rd, near said refuge, but these were only addressing problems their own LATM schemes had created in the first place. There is a new ramp at corner of Wentworth Park Rd, if you use the footpath (illegally) along the park frontage,but the unwary may get killed there by fast left turners.

The Fishmarket is to be relocated to where Hansons is now, so there will be a bike path eventually along this bit of PB Rd, maybe on both sides, but how will it link with the rest?

CoS proposed a  shared path on PB Rd along the Wentworth Park frontage at the December 2017 Traffic Committee. Also along Harris St and around the Fishmarket, recognising what already occurs and that there is little alternative for cyclists. 


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