CoS bike counts at Booth St and at Wattle St give the numbers of cyclists in morning peak hour period to be in the range of 125 to 250. Source is fig. 4.77 in the State Govts Transport Masterplan. In the cycling section.

I counted 102 cyclists in period 730 am to 9 am on Tuesday 16/10/2012 at corner of Booth St and Pyrmont Bridge Rd.  About 40 were city bound directly on Pyrmont Bridge Rd. Another 15 or so turned into PB Rd from Booth or Mallet Sts.  12 were heading west away from the City. About 20 were heading north or south on Booth St and Mallet St.The rest were split between other movements. Most were on road, about 12 on footpath at some stage. (Edit in 4/2013, CoS has released bike count numbers at Fitzroy St, Glebe poit rd and Taylor Sts. See details in Comments below.)

I spoke to a few cyclists as they waited at lights and one cyclist had been sidewiped there. All complained about the bumpy poorly repaired Ausgrid trenches ahead. (Edit in 1/2013- trench has been repaired westbound, now much smoother)

Traffic was not very heavy, and occasionally the whole road was clear. 

Cyclists had little trouble, due to light traffic, but it was apparent that the narrow kerb side lane on departure side of the intersection (far left of photos, near yellow line) was a potential squeeze point for cyclists if they arrived there at the same time as a motor vehicle. Some cyclists "claimed the lane" by riding well out as they approached the squeeze point, but many actually diverted left as they went through the intersection and then came back to get round the kerb.

The cyclists in the fourth photo are at risk after veering over to the left and then coming back. Should take a leaf from the motor cyclist's line. A "Cyclists May Use The Full Lane" sign would help motorist's understanding (last photo). As traffic has to funell into one lane further up, why not emphasise that the kerb lane in the four lane sections is available for cyclists?


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I counted bikes yesterday in the period 5 pm to 6 pm at corner of Glebe Pt Rd. (Along with a counter from a private company, probably counting for CoS.)

Counted 82 bikes in all directions. 42 on PB Rd heading west out of town, 25 on GPtRd heading north, were the main movements.
A fair smattering of female riders, maybe about 25 % of total, which is good. A few unhelmeted cyclists, maybe10 %.

Despite the narrow 3 m lane, most cyclists had little problem with the last 40 metres or so uphill as motorists generally gave them room by moving partly into the right turn lane, or cyclists rode up the left of stationary line of traffic, where there was just enough room. A couple of cyclists used the footpath if stationary cars were too close to the kerb. And a couple of cyclists went up the right turn lane and cut back in! A few cases were potentially dangerous, when cyclists were nearing the intersection towards the end of the green phase. Cars were speeding up to beat the lights, as were cyclists.

Highlight was the fixie rider who very confidently rode up the right turn lane at full speed and then was passed on his left by a taxi also making the right turn, just as fixie rider was making the turn and I guess thought he was safe after all that effort -- fixie rider was outraged. Much giving of finger.

Once past the intersection westbound cyclists had a 4 meter lane (widening to 5 m later on ) to ride in and I observed no problems from passing cars although one or two impatient motorists if cyclist was riding out a bit. Most cyclists rode close to the kerb, which is possible because CoS did replace the dangerous grates there with nice flush ones.

There was a smattering of footpath and opportunistic cycling in all directions, such as hopping the kerb to get onto footpath to make the left turn westbound into PB Rd if GPtRd was chockers, and a few parents with kids on bikes or in seats.

Bike count data from CoS on 30/10/12 are out along PB and Bridge Rd.

At Lyons Rd there were 145 on PB Rd in morning peak (6am to 9am) all directions, (99 east-bound), 109 afternoon (4pm to 7 pm), (52 west-bound, 34 East-bound).

At Glebe Pt Rd there were 148 (123 e-bound) am  and 109 (78 w-bound)pm

At Taylor St there were 85 (67 e-bound) am and 91 (42 w-bound, 42 Right turn into Taylor) pm, plus 35 off road.

also of interest are numbers at Wigram and Booth, on 30/10/112, pre roundabout.

167 am, 172 pm, all directions. Almost all on Booth St.


Counted numbers at Booth St for Supertuesday, 5/3/19, 7am to 9pm.

All directions 142

city bound on PB Rd. 78

Booth to Mallet 20

Mallet to Booth 6

Mallett to PB Rd 10

Booth to PBRd  3

Numbers up on 2012 count (see OP), but I did count half an hour longer.

Also different was the number of E bikes, 13.  None in 2012.

Why was I counting? Well, the Cycleway on PB Rd is back on the agenda as part of the Parramatta Rd Urban Amenity Improvement Scheme ( AKA RMS attempt to Greenwash Westconnex). However it can’t happen for a few years because  the Dive Site for Stage 3 is on the triangle of land between Mallett, Pb Rd and Parramatta Rd! The area has just been cleared to make way for it. Expect a 1000 trucks on surrounding roads soon.


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