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Comment by Ma Dame Vélo on October 12, 2008 at 5:10pm
The "Save Olympic Park: No V8 Racing" group was going to hold a rally at or near the finish line of the Spring Cycle on the 19th October. They now have announced a slight change of venue via this Press Release:

Change of venue for rally

Due to safety concerns for the 10,000 cyclists arriving at Sydney Olympic Park on the day of our rally on Sunday 19th October, the rally will now move to the park diagonally opposite The Overflow, which is located on the corner of Dawn Fraser Avenue and Olympic Boulevard, opposite the Novotel Hotel. As previously advised the rally will commence at 11am, with speakers form 12 noon including Laurie Ferguson MP(Labor) , Lee Rhiannon(Greens), newly elected Mayor for Auburn Irene Simms and Auburn councillor Malikeh Michels. Contact from the Leader of the Opposition's office, Barry O'Farrell has been received to state that he is considering attending the rally.

In recent developments, Blacktown Labor MP Paul Gibson has spoken out against holding the race at SOP and affirms it should return to Eastern Creek. Furthermore, as far as we are aware, no sitting Labor MP, other than the Premier or Ian McDonald, has given a press release in support of holding the race at SOP.

Our organisation and opposition to holding this race at SOP has also received support from The Australian Institute of Landscape Designers and Managers, The Australian Racing Drivers' Club, The Save Albert Park group in Melbourne, 3CR Community Radio and various cycling groups.

However, the comments from this area's sitting state member Barbara Perry have been most perplexing. Tom Bohan, spokesperson for the Save Olympic Park: No V8 Racing committee has had several contacts with the minister's office. When an office staffer was asked to comment on whether the minister supports holding this race series at SOP, the response given was that Barbara Perry supports the cabinet position on this issue. When pressed to give a clear answer about whether Minister Perry supports the race at SOP the response was "I won't say that."

Perhaps the press can get a definitive response from Barbara Perry given that she is the local member for the community in which this race is to be held.

Tom Bohan
On behalf of Save Olympic Park; No V8 Racing
ph: 97378718
Comment by Ma Dame Vélo on October 24, 2008 at 5:07pm
Today I received themail from Robert Goodwill. Please take the time to read it if you can - it is not too late to stop this ridiculaous proposal at Olympic Park:
Hello Everyone
Please have a good look at our website which now has more updated content following the rally last Sunday. This campaign intends to keep growing until we are successful in either stopping the V8 race at SOP or alleviating its impact. The more we learn about this race the greater the risks and the impacts appear to be. We have already learned a lot more through information provided by Save Albert Park Inc which is a good comparator for us. The lessons from their experience is that the greater the Government secrecy the greater the cover up and the subsequent social, environmental & economic impacts.

On Tuesday , through the kind offices of the Greens we briefed the four cross benchers from the Shooters Party and the Christian democrats. Most importantly we had Terry Thompson a Director of Eastern Creek (ARDC) with us. He was a very credible advocate for the better Eastern Creek alternative in the eyes of our audience. We got the impression that they were hearing the alternative case for the first time. Whilst I believe the session was useful we have no way of knowing how these MP’s will vote in Parliament.
We are endeavouring to get a press release from the ARDC to better inform the public that Government spin that SOP is the only venue for this race is a nonsense. This may be followed by TV coverage.

It appears likely that the legislation to override parts of the SOPA Act will be presented to State Parliament next week when Costas replacement is able to vote. We intend to rally outside Parliament and present Premier Nathan Rees with the petitions we have gathered. We will email again as soon as we know the likely day and time. Please pass this email on to your sympathetic networks so we can have a really large rally.
Robert Goodwill
Save Olympic Park – No V8 Racing Campaign
Mob: 0410 485 969
Comment by Ma Dame Vélo on October 25, 2008 at 9:37am
Today, another email from the Newington residents action group: Jonathon Troy also emailed me yesterday to say he had received the same leter from Rev Gordon Moyes - which I have added to the bottom of this comment. Please if anyone has the time to email the cross benchers in the next couple of days, do it , we can win this....
Cheers to Everyone!

We have had an amazingbreakthrough! Thanks to all the emailing, letters and lobbying of thefour cross benchers it appears that Rev Hon Dr Gordon Moyes has had achange of heart! He has sent an eight page letter in reply to one ofour supporters (see attachment) which confirms he will vote against thelegislation when it is put!

We are fairly certain this legislation will be put next week after Michael Costa's replacement is sworn into the senate.

SecuringRev. Moyes is a great boost. Please try to take the following action assoon as possible if you haven't already done so.

1. Send a letter to the four cross benchers. If you already have, send another with some different arguments
2.Send a copy of the above to the premier, Carmel Tebutt, Verity Firth and Barry O'Farrell
3. Contact friends and urge them to do the same

You can find these contact details on our website now ie as well as an updated fact sheet which can help you draft your letter.

Does anyone have a contact who can help facilitate an urgent meeting with the premier?
Tom and Mirella

Comment by Mark Worthington on November 1, 2008 at 2:21pm
I began cycling through the area on my commute to work about 10 years ago, when the Olympic facilities were still under construction but many of the paths were freshly laid. It was such a treat to ride through then, as it is now with the vegetation more established. Anything that damages this national treasure, or makes it inaccessible to cyclists for any amount of time is just bloody wrong!
Comment by Ma Dame Vélo on November 4, 2008 at 2:29pm
Hi everyone, If anyone hasn't already done so, please email the following politicians to express your concern about using Sydney Olypmic Park for the racing of V8 Supercars: At the moment we have the support of the Hon Rev Gordon Moyes of the Christian Democrats, but if you go to the following link, you will see the list of all current members of parliament (NSW). Write to all those who are not members of the Labor, Liberal or National Parties as the others hold the vital balance of power. Please act soon as this matter may be put to the vote next week.
Comment by Ma Dame Vélo on December 9, 2008 at 6:00am
Hi everyone, thank you for the support you have given to this cause over recent months. I don't know what the future holds.

However, just to keep you up to date, here is the latest press release from the Newington residents' Group:
From Tom Bohan
18 Marathon Avenue Newington
Phone 97378718


The special legislation which was required to allow a V8 race to be held at Sydney Olympic Park over the next five years was passed in the senate on Wednesday 3rd December. The bill was introduced at 9.00 am and passed at 4.00pm.

The Bill was narrowly passed 19 to18 in favour. In order to pass this legislation the Labor Party required the support of Fred Nile from the Christian Democrats and Robert Brown and Ray Smith from the Shooters Party. All three cross benchers spoke in favour of the race and the legislation. It is worth noting that on the day after the Homebush Motor Racing Legislation being passed, that under an amendment successfully moved by the Shooters Party Roy Smith to the Domestic Violence Act, it will now be possible for men ,who had been subject to an apprehended violence order, who had lost the right to a gun licence for 10 years, to be given the right to have the orders revoked so they can regain a gun licence .Another deal done between the Government and the shooters in June saw a private members bill from Mr Smith wind back some post -Port Arthur massacre laws. This bill was for people renewing their gun licences to forgo the 28 day waiting period and to forgo the similar waiting period when buying more firearms of a type they already have. Of course Minister Macdonald and the two Shooters Party members will deny that any deal was made to pass the V8 legislation. However, there are too many disturbing and unanswered questions surrounding Ian Macdonald's mission to move V8 racing from the Government owned race track at Eastern Creek to Sydney Olympic Park.

This legislation is The Homebush Motor Racing [Sydney 400 ] Bill 2008. This bill was necessary because Sydney Olympic is currently run by the Sydney Olympic Park Authority. SOPA was established by the Sydney Olympic Park Authority Act July 2001. The Authority is the NSW Government agency responsible for the care, control, management and development of Sydney Olympic Park. It has offices and a large staff based at Sydney Olympic Park who currently do an excellent job of managing this valuable recreational facility for all Australians now and in the future. An important part of the Sydney Olympic Park Act states that: 1.Any new development accords with best practice environmental standards. 2.T he protection and enhancement of the natural heritage of the parkland. Clearly the V8 race unlike the many hundreds of events held cannot meet these requirements. Thus Minister Macdonald has introduced the Homebush Motor Racing Bill which will take away all control of SOP and for the 14 week period of set up and pull down of the race place all control in the hands of Minister Macdonald and V8 Supercars Australia. The legislation will suspend all environmental protection.

In Part 4of the act there are a series of carve out clauses which suspend the application of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 and the local Government Act 1993.

At this stage it is important to expose the barrage of misrepresentation, subterfuge and chicanery which Minister Macdonald and V8 Supercar Australia chief Tony Cochrane.
1. Firstly in most press releases and interviews Ian Macdonald asserts, "It needs to be remembered that Sydney Olympic Park is a major events precinct.'
Yes Mr Macdonald and Mr Cochrane Sydney Olympic Park is a world class example of environmental rehabilitation and sustainability. It is a parkland which provides passive recreational space for the people of an overcrowded western Sydney. It is at the same time a valuable sporting cultural and events venue for all of NSW. The unique and special quality of this venue is that the Parkland has successfully combined sporting, cultural and recreational events with the objective of protecting the parklands and the availability of the precinct as passive recreational space offering sustainable and healthy living options for the people of Sydney. Please note Mr Macdonald and Mr Cochrane that since 2001 many hundred of sporting and entertainment events have been held at Sydney Olympic Park and all of these events have been able to comply with the Sydney Olympic Park Act and not do permanent damage to this parkland precinct.

Sydney Olympic Park holds the State of origin, the rugby league grand final, the Big Day Out Concert, international rugby union, soccer, netball, hockey, a continual stream of concerts including such international acts as the Police, Stevie Wonder and Billy Joel. There is an endless stream of conferences and exhibitions. The Festival of Sydney holds numerous events including outdoor films and concerts, including the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. None of these wonderful events needs a special bill passed to bypass the SOPA Act or state and environmental laws. Unlike the V8 Race none of these events does permanent damage to Sydney Olympic Park.
2. Mr Macdonald and Mr Cochrane constantly proclaim that the race cars will run on E85 ethanol blend fuel. This is a total furphy as the major pollution caused by the race will come from the trucks and vehicles delivering and removing infrastructure for the race. This will include 7km of concrete blocks, between 1 and 4 km of perimeter fencing, temporary grandstands, seating and other infrastructure. All of which will be trucked in and out of Sydney Olympic Park over the 10 week set up and take down period. It must be noted that all of these polluting truck and vehicle movements will be repeated each year and that none of them would be necessary if the race was held at its rightful place at Eastern Creek.
3.Mr Macdonald and Mr Cochrane proudly proclaim only 140 trees will be removed in order to hold the race and that each of these trees will be replaced by 3 others. Firstly taking 140 trees from the centre of any parkland is not insignificant. These valuable established trees will be replaced by cheap small seedlings. However, the key point in this particular argument is where these trees are being taken from and where will their replacements be located. These particular trees are avenue plantings along the major roads in the centre of Olympic Park as such they are an integral part of structural and landscape design put in place for the Olympics. To cut them down and then replace with seedlings in another section of the park is totally unacceptable and will do permanent damage to this vital space in front of the Olympic Stadium and Acer Arena. This fact has been noted by the President of the Institute of Australian Landscape Designers and Managers, Arthur Lathouris, who has written to the Premier condemning the destruction of a vital landscaping heritage which was created for the Olympics and for future generations of Australians.
Finally SAVE OLYMPIC PARK NO V8 RACE wish to notify Ian Macdonald and his V8 mates that we will continue to fight this appalling project through every political and legal channel available. We will be thoroughly scrutinising the supposed economic benefits to the people of NSW. Nathan Reece and Carmel Tebbutt have made a huge economic, environmental and electoral blunder for which they will pay at the next election.
Tom Bohan
For Save Olympic Park No V8 Race
Comment by Ma Dame Vélo on February 17, 2009 at 6:30pm
HI again everyone,
Here's the latest from the Newington Residents group:

Hi All

The fight to stop the V8 Supercar Race is still on. We invite you all to join us at our regular Monday night meetings at Newington Community Centre at 8pm. Come along and hear what is happening and see how you can help. It is not too late to stop this. Our new Aim is to stop ALL motor racing at Sydney Olympic Park EVER!!!

The latest thing has been the establishment of the Homebush Motor Racing Authority to oversee the setting up of the race. The committee is in the process of formulating some hard hitting questions to put to the CEO and management of this Authority. They have indicated that they are willing to answer any questions put to them. Please see website ( if you wish to send in some questions you may have surrounding the race.

We are also in the process of sending a letter to the NRMA Motoring Association to ask them not to consider sponsorship of this race in any way.

Please come along to the Monday meetings and assist in stopping this debacle from happening especially in the current economic climate.

Please forward this email to all of those people whom you know are against the race,


Please forward your name and number of years you have been a member of NRMA so we can attach these to the letter we will soon be sending. Please ask all family, friends, colleagues etc to do the same.

Hoping to see you all Monday

Save Olympic Park - No V8 Racing committee
Comment by Ma Dame Vélo on March 6, 2009 at 1:59pm
We have 10 days to comment on the web site of the Dept of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts to try to halt this ridiculous proposal. The proposed V8 Supercar event at Sydney Olympic Park has been referred to this Department for assessment to see whether approval under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act) is required.

Please read below:
You can read the referral which has been submitted, at the following link

Public comments should quote the EPBC reference number 2009/4782, the title of the referral: V8 Supercar Events Pty Ltd/Tourism and recreation/Sydney Olympic Park, Homebush Bay/NSW/V8 Supercars Sydney 400 Event, and must be received by 20 March 2009.

Comments can be submitted by:
Post: EIA Policy Section
Approvals and Wildlife Division
Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts
GPO Box 787
Fax: 02 6274 1789

It is important to remember that the Department may not accept comments received after the close of business on the closing date. Everyone who makes a comment will be notified of the final decision on the referral.

Ensuring your comments are effective
You can ensure that your comments are most effective by following these steps:

o Clearly reference the referral (EPBC number and proposal title) in the heading or cover page of your submission.
o Provide clear contact details if the Department needs to get in touch with you to seek clarification or further advice.
o State clearly whether, and how, you believe the proposal would have a significant impact on matters of national environmental significance (NES) protected by the EPBC Act. The Minister, or his delegate, can only take into account comments, concerns or issues in respect to the specific matters of NES or other matters protected under the EPBC Act. The Department's web site provides an interactive protected matters search tool that can be useful for determining which matters protected under the EPBC Act are relevant to a particular area. The search tool can be found at: .
o If you believe information in the referral is misleading or incorrect, you should state the reasons why and provide the correct information, if available.
o Be as specific as possible, for example by stating which aspects of the proposal would impact on which protected matters (eg. a particular listed species or heritage value). It is useful to refer to the Administrative Guidelines on Significance, and address impacts in relation to the criteria and examples for the relevant matter of NES. The guidelines can be found on the Department's web site at: .
o Give the source of any key information used in reaching your conclusion (eg references may include published research or surveys, expert advice, the referral itself, the DEW search tool, local knowledge, anecdotal information etc).
o Provide comments by the due date. If the comments will be unavoidably late, advise the Department before the due date, by email or fax, of your intention to provide comment and the date by which comment will be provided. The Department will advise if the comments can be accepted.
o Make sure your comments are legible (i.e. preferably typed single-sided on unbound A4 paper). Any maps or figures should also be legible (faxed maps may be difficult to read).
o Remember key objectives of the EPBC Act include protection of the matters of national environmental significance. While the local, regional and state context is important, it is most useful to demonstrate why the particular population or habitat for a species listed under the EPBC Act, or another protected matter that is present, is important at the national level. The Administrative Guidelines on Significance (see web address above) provide definitions for important habitats and important populations at the national level and may be useful in this regard. Local knowledge, in particular, is likely to be useful in describing the context as to why particular aspects of the environment potentially affected by the proposal (as they relate to relevant matters of NES) need to be protected.

If you would like further help or information, please contact the Department's Community Information Unit by telephone: Freecall 1800 803 772 or


Kind Regards,
Petrina Alcock

Compliance Officer (WA, SA, NSW, ACT, external territories)
Approvals & Wildlife Division
Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts
PO Box 787
Canberra 2601
T: (02) 6274 1639
F: (02) 6274 1878
Comment by KimR on October 18, 2009 at 7:53pm
This is only about 6 weeks away now. Has anyone heard about how the road work changes are going? I heard somewhere that the infrastructure changes were more complicated than originally planned and the costs were going to blow out.
Comment by Duncan on October 22, 2009 at 5:57pm

I ride through there.. they're busy removing the road bumps and middle island from what I presume to be the straight (Australia Ave). I guess they're going to pull out the power poles, too.

Lack of consideration for cyclists is already happening.. I rode through there yesterday and they'd blocked off a whole lane, bringing it down to one, with no verge. Not great when it's so heavily infested with fast rat-runners.


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