Everyone else calls it Sydney Spring Cycle. I was just wondering if any SBM people will be going to Spring Cyle and if we could form a group with every intention of arriving at the finish last.

I hope to be there, but currently in the midst of preparing a new bike according to the principles of that other great cycling organisation also known as the SBM, the Slow Bicycle Mechanics.

With Kindest Regards,

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That sounds quite interesting. Which of the rides are you suggesting?
A lady I know wants to do the North Sydney Ride at a slow pace. She intends to get dressed up in a spring dress for it too! SBM's regulation is for a top speed of not more than 15.4kph (9.5 mph) unless coasting downhill and saying "weeeee!"

I might be quite a slow cyclist indeed as it appears that I may be doing the ride on a Single-Speed Raleigh Twenty, which will include a large rear basket to carry picnicking equipment.

So does the North Sydney Ride sound good?
Hi Martin,
15.4 you say? Now I will have to add cruise control with overspeed warning alarm, probably not a bad idea for any SBM rider anyway.
Hi Stephan, The closest one to me is North Sydney. I was considering not starting at the start, but meeting the ride as it comes off the Bridge because I will be getting the ferry over to Circular Quay. This is convenient but misses the ride registration - I do not know how necessary this is, as supposedly the ride numbers are mailed out beforehand (mine is yet to appear though). Garry
Well I haven't done this before - I just started cycling 4 weeks ago. So there are lots of questions.
The time is stated between 7am and 9 am? That's just 2 hours for 40km? I do 20 km in 2 hours.

And how do you get back after the ride?

You might like to read the ride guide. Copy and paste this (below) into your browser. If it doesn't work go to the Spring Cycle tab at Bicycle NSW - there will be the words "Latest News" top left there somewhere which will take you to the ride guide.

The ride only *begins* between 7 & 8:30am - I do not know when it is supposed to finish. There is free train travel to bring everyone back, but not sure about your trike (perhaps ring BNSW to check). Maybe the SBM people could ride back with you in which case not doing the full distance might be a better idea.

There is a map under the Ride North Sydney link.

I'll definitely be one of the last in....I'm doing the on-ride support for the Blacktown route. Last year I was the designated last rider, 'closing' the route behind me (Telling all the sector leaders that they could dismiss all their vols). I think I'm doing the same this year.
Some other friends who I was riding with yesterday usually do the same role but for the North Sydney route.
Happy to meet others of the velocity challenged variety in at SOP :) I won't be able to specify a time though.....I'll get there after the last 'Blacktown' riders get in.
Thanks for the encouragement but much to my embarrassment I just realised that I'm already committed for the weekend as an instructor for the NSW seakayk club.
I wish you all an enjoyable slow ride.

Thanks Stephan. There's always next year's ride anyway, and no doubt plenty of opportunity in between.
May I add to the list of SBM's?: 'Slow Bicycle Merchandisers'.
Examples anyone?


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