So, is there a ride planned for 2009?

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Hi Adrian, yes we will ride again on the 15th of February. Will you come along and be one of our silver marshals again?
Great. Look forward to it.
Hi Jake and Adrian,

I've just put the 2009 proposed route on Bikely at:

If you happen to notice any dumb typos or such let me know. Some of the suburb name locations may be a little wobbly, I've got four street directories and none of them show the same suburb boundaries.
Thanks Paul, I will check it out. Did you have a good night? Great to see both you and Adrian there. What time did you guys leave?
I had a really good time. I almost didn't go, Liz had a cold so didn't feel like going out and had also made rhubard, apple and berry crumble. It was a hard decision, stay at home, keep Liz company, eat yummy crumble...or go to the fashion show, drink beer, catch up with friends. So I went to the fashion show, had fun, went home and ate the crumble.

Not sure what time Adrian left, I left about 10. Had a slow cruisy ride home via Cooks River and M5 paths.
I left fairly early to get ready for the gong ride. It was a great night. Wish I could have stayed longer.


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