Sunshine glorious sunshine! After such a long time planning and
organising the one thing we had no control over was the weather. To
awake to a clear but chilly day was like icing on the cake. Riding
through Darlinghurst to meet with friends at Taylor’s Square before
heading down to Town Hall we were already drawing looks and comments
from cars and passers-by. It’s an odd feeling to be the one drawing the
comments in Darlinghurst. But dressed in our Tweed we were more of a
novelty than the drag queens, partygoers and all night revellers.

Down Oxford Street and towards Town Hall we start spying more riders
and bikes waiting for us. The crew from Canberra had increased from one
participant last year up to a handful this year displaying some lovely
vintage speedwells.

As it drew closer to 9pm the crowd was swelling, I was losing track of the sign on sheets but knew we were
well above last years numbers as I’d already run out of spoke cards. A
photographer from Getty images was on hand to capture all the styles of
the day including G who despite the cold turned up wearing nothing but
a pair of fluoro pink budgie smugglers and a helmet!

A quick hello and thanks to the crowd which included a blunder in my talking
calling the ride a race instead of a ride, which was quickly pointed
out to me and the good natured crowd took it in their stride.

9am and we’re riding. Through the city streets we rode at a genteel
pace, waving and ringing bells to people on the street. Stopping under
the bridge to get the obligatory group photo with the Opera House
behind you could really see the size of the ride.

Back on the bikes through the city, up Oxford st to Taylor’s Square (where a few
riders were asking which building was the planned ‘bicycle hub’) and
down to Crown st, Ward Park, across Cleveland and down to Buckland st
for a much needed cup of tea provided by SYDBMA, bike polo by Le Pista
Resistance, professional portrait photos by Sydney BFF and Terence Chin.

 It was a great sight to see with blankets, bikes and people across the
park having picnics and catching up. I was busy talking to sponsors and
organising prizes but I’m assured that Paul’s scones were a great hit
and cause for much talking point of his secret ingredient to make them
light and fluffy.

Thank you and prize giving time with prizes by Bicycle recycle, Raleigh twenty and Rocket Fuel ensured that quite a
few people went home with their winnings.

From a ride last year this year had really evolved into an event that lasted almost a day and
brought together a large number of riders from all across Sydney,
Wollongong, Canberra and even some from Perth. The cups of tea, bike
polo, photo portraits and picnic made for a great ending to the ride.
Thank you to all who came along and had a fun day out.


Some stats

Over 130 signed on riders – more than that in the ride as some didn’t sign on

Youngest participant was 7 months as a passenger cargo bike

Youngest rider who rode the entire ride on their own 4 years old

Best Dressed Gentleman – Garry W

Best Dressed Lady – the lady in the maroon velvet cape

Most Retro – the gentleman on the Pedersen bike

Best Duo – the couple on the blue tandem


Thanks to

Double Oh Two for the amazing poster design

Sydney BFF for portrait photos of all the riders and a fantastic Knog pannier prize

SYDBMA for cups of tea, coffee and biscuits

Le Pista Resistance for bike polo for prizes for best small wheel bicycles and for lucky door prizes

Bicycle Recycle for the trophies and fabulous retro lucky door prizes

Seventy8 for the spoke cards

Yogi for all his fantastic work helping organising, marshalling, figuring out the route and possibly a million other things which I
can’t think of right now

Madam Bike/Leigh for being our fabulous ride leader

All the Red Lanterns who helped to keep the ride moving for having the group and providing the conversation

Nick, Naomi, Angela, Yogi for being fabulous models for the SMH photo shoot

And absolutely everyone who turned up had a good time and helped in anyway thank you all.


More photos at

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Replies to This Discussion

For a price, I will reveal the secret to the Scones :-)
I'm just disappointed I missed out on one! The others were super impressed at how amazing they were. I'm expecting the arrival of a jam making book any day now. Once I make some amazing jam maybe I could swap you jam for scones?
There were plenty there. I actually took some home!
There was Scones?
Yes, look at the photos in the Wrap Up above - those are my Scones :-)
How does tomato and pineapple jam sound? My mother's cousin used to make it. Fantastic. Very simple.
That sounds amazing, combines 2 of my favourite foods! am quite the novice when it comes to jam making but fingers crossed I'll go okay with jams and chutneys and maybe some pickled onions?
Its been a long time since I've attempted this kind of thing. The biggest problem was getting jams to set a bit. You can always add gelatine or agar if you're a vegie but it seems like cheating.
It was great fun - thank you Susan, Yogi and all the red lanterns. Good to see lots of smiles from the people on the streets. I think there was definately some spreading of the bike love as well as the jam;)
Thankyou Susan & Team, we all loved the old style fun & talking about our bikes. Can't wait for the next one.
Yes, Susan, when you work yourself to the bone, in your own time, for no financial reward and people start knocking you, whingeing, criticising, nit-picking, etc you always wonder "why do I bother?".

But "at the end of the day" (excuse the cliche), it is all about "spreading the bike love" as Naomi said.

That's why you bother and you (and your team) have done a truly grand job at that. :-)
Thanks MB!


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