In order for the Tweed ride to maintain it's dignified and leisurely pace we need a select range of dapper lads and ladies to help out on the day.

As a Flame Rouge* you will be asked to help direct your fellow riders through the ride with simple things like knowing when we need to ride single file or knowing if a blind corner is coming up.

It is not a difficult job and all that is asked is that you come for a ride of the course before the official tweed ride day and be on hand on the actual day to help out.

*last year's Flame Rouges also went away with a patch and badge that was only available to them and no one else, once again a special piece will be created just for the volunteers.

If you can help out please add your name here and we will be in contact with you closer to the actual event.


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Susan - I'll put my hand up for it this year. If I remember correctly the only casualties from last year were one puncture just before the start and a rear tyre blow-out near the end.
Yeah I'll be in that :)
Hey gang, I'll add my name to your list... just in pencil at the moment. I'm pretty keen to lend my services so hopefully other life events won't get in the way.
Hello Susan,

With apologies, I've only just noticed that you have only had three responses for help on the ride day. Please let me know what roles you need filled, I can polish boots, fill pipes, explode acetylene lamps, repair flats on penny-farthings, untangle skirts and coats from rear wheels, de-mist goggles, and attach complementary stickers to bikes proclaiming "Guarranteed Carbon-Fibre Free".

Thanks for putting the ride on again this year.

Susan, I don't mind being a Flame Rouge this year - I wan't much good as a ride leader last year as I forgot my way through the city and had to ask you where to turn!

Let me know what you would like me to do.
Hey Susan, I've only just noticed this link - I'd definitely like to help out, either doing this or any other task you can throw my way.
Let me know how your volunteer numbers are coming along, and let me know how I can help out, either on the day or beforehand.
So looking forward to it! :-)
Hello to all the volunteers!

Now with only a week away till the big ride I just wanted to say hi, thanks for helping out.

More details of the route etc will be out later this week so will certainly let you all know when that is ready.

If anyone was a volunteer last year and still has their red arm band, if you could bring it along on the day that would be fantastic but if you've misplaced it and need a replacement that's ok.
I don't think I had an armband for my role last year, so please save one for me this year - let me know what you would like me to do - as long as it doesn't involve speed uphill. On Mnsr BIke's old Malvern Star, I am going to be moving even more slowly than last year. :-(
Hi Susan, Yogi and All,

Just confirming I will be available to help with whatever on Sunday. Please let me know. Susan knows me.

As the first ferry does not get in until 8am, I will not be at Town Hall until around 8:20 - 8:30.

For anyone interested I did a quick survey of places near T.Hall open for coffee at the times we will be there, and there was really only one - in the underground, would be roughly under the corner of George and Bathurst; there is a station entrance nearby in front of St. Andrews.

I had to go to Matraville today, so called in at Alexandria Park on the way to check it out. Very nice place. Is the photo I took where we will be?

There is a bbq. Again did a quick survey of nearby streets for the benefit of hopeless cases like me who couldn't pack a picnic for an ant. There is a take-away place cnr. Henderson&Botany, definitely open Sunday, does fish&chips, chicken stuff. A couple of cafes on Philip St, and one cnr Botany (I think) and Buckland, but they didn't look especially take-away-ish and obviously it would be good to have everyone stay together in the park.
Looks like a great spot! Now, did I ever have a picnic rug somewhere? ... Hmmm....
Best coffee near there is probably Bitton on Copeland st.


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