After the picnic, awards, pictures and bike chat what did you get up to as the people dispersed?

Personally, I was hungry and so I met up with a couple of people and we rode into the CBD. One gentleman left us at Wynyard to catch the train home, whilst a new friend and I went down to the City Extra for a meal.

My post-ride recovery meal consisted of a Canadian Breakfast (at 2pm! - gotta love the City Extra) and a glass of port.

I then rode back to Wynyard with my new friend (she had to ride over the coat-hanger in order to get home) and I caught the train home.

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Personally I had a coffee with someone I met at the ride, definitely the highlight of the day.
I rode into the CBD and jumped back on the train at Town Hall. I headed home when I was greeted by my 16 month old son leaping through the front door to come and investigate "Daddy" dressed all funny and riding the bike I take him out on. Naturally, he went straight for my water bottle, which for some reason he loves (but only if he is allowed to remove it from the bottle cage himself!).

My parents then came over for afternoon tea, which consisted of finishing off what was left of the scones from the Tweed Ride, as well as the Chocolate Brownies I made the day before. Needless to say, I have to cycle extra hard this week to work off all the snacks!
Well, not much really. After checking up on Martin and (am I allowed to say who, Martin?) at Circular Quay, caught the ferry over to Manly and then rode the 7km home where like all dedicated cyclists spent some time checking the bike was absolutely perfect. Then found a fitting prominent position for the trophy, and sallied forth to do battle with uploading Tweed photos as have never used Flickr before. Finally, just packing away all the Tweed attire until next year...although, its so cold I'm thinking of getting it out again.
Ride to Redfern station, decide not to negotiate the steps. Then get to Central, carry bikes + child down several steps anyway to get to the right end with the lifts. I'd hate to be disabled around here! Then went to mother in law's birthday - don't ask how old.
Ohhh, so that's what Hartley Martin looks like!
Yes, the English/Irish name does tend to throw a lot of people off when they see the Asian face.
A distinguished name too, goes well with the suit.
Its one way of increasing ridership. Lets hope we get more cyclists resulting from this.
Yep, I meant creating them. It's a very slow process, interrupting your life for 15-20 years, but it is fun. Clearly a great excuse for buying a Bullitt.
Great idea! San Francisco Bicycle Coalition has a special night called "Love on Wheels". It looks like huge fun. I found out about this after getting married, so no use for me! I think that BNSW or Sydney Bike could get a lot more members with more events, and this one's a cracker. I wonder what the pick up rate is at the Melbourne Bike share after reading about Parisians getting lucky at their Bike stations.
I rode to Redfern station and hopped on a train to get back to Wollongong. Must admit I disguised my tweedy look under a plain jumper for the trip.
I headed home with the dog (who was chuffed at getting so many pats) only to find a retriever wandering at Petersham. After managing to get him in the van (much to the amusement of onlookers because he wasnt a thin dog) and dropping him at the local vet, I made it home in time to spend the afternoon with my nephew and finally have a very very late breakfast. I didnt bring a bike along to the ride as I was short on time and was at the (bike races prior to the ride) but next year I plan to bring one and get my nephew along with his retro ride. He is 9 and already has the retro bug.
Your dog with his tweed coat on was so gorgeous, such an elegant looking dog.


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