Calling for volunteers to help out on the 31st of July for the Tweed Ride

Hi All,


In order to run such a big event with so many riders we need some help. If anyone wants to help be a marshall on the day please add your name to this discussion (the name you use on Sydney Cyclist is fine).


On the actual event day you'll need to make yourself known to myself who will brief you on what you will be doing during the event.


You also get a natty red armband to wear to show that you are one of our lanterne rouges (red lanterns).


If anyone can help out it's much appreciated and helps the event run much more smoothly.


Thanks in advance,



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*two thumbs up
I would love to help out!
Sophia - eskimosoap
Starting time is....?
As usual sign on from 8am ride to start promptly at 9am.
I will help


Happy to help at some point on the ride assuming,of course, that I will still will be part of the ride and be able to continue when the bunch has passed 'my' check point.


Hi Matt,


Oh yes by all means you are certainly part of the ride. At the checkpoint the idea that the front of the ride waits, takes photos etc while the rest of the ride "catch up" as it were. Due to traffic lights, riding style etc we can get quite stretched out so in order to keep the group together the checkpoints are there to re gather everyone.


So at your particular checkpoint you ride with the group and come to the front then stop at the opening to your checkpoint and tell everyone as they ride past that it is a checkpoint and not to ride forward until told so by the ride leader. Once everyone is in let the ride leader know the ride moves on and you join back in.


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