1. Cadel Evans - Cuddles may look like a bag of spanners on the bike, but riding (so far) two stages with a fractured elbow is f@ucking hardcore. With hindsight you could see that his blue tape was supporting the load-bearing muscles, presumably to ease load on the joint. A great service to both the Yellow and Rainbow Jerseys
  2. Adam Hansen - Pulled like a train for 150km on Stage 2 despite breaking and dislocating is collarbone.
  3. Lance Armstrong - Hit the deck at motorcycling speeds before sliding head and shoulders into the kerb. Only lost around 10 minutes over the following two cat 1 and one cat 3 climb. 
  4. David Millar - Spent 180km solo yesterday with cracked ribs, back spasms and illness. Made it over the line with time to spare to avoid elimination.
  5. Simon Gerrans - Worked hard for Team Sky on the Ramaz despite breaking his arm 7km into the stage.
  6. Jens  Voigt - Dropped back from a break on Stage 9 to pull hard for Schleck, rode himself into the ground, barely making it over the summit of the Madeline.
  7. Sylvain Chavanel - Recovered from a massive crash early in the season resulting in a two day induced coma to take two stage wins and two Yellow Jerseys. Luckily he has not hurt himself shucking oysters recently.

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8. Robbie McEwan - for riding on with a bruised back after an official stepped in front of him causing him to crash (and he is probably making sure the grupetto make it over the mountains each stage before the cut off time).

9. Tyler Farrar - for not chucking in the towel and going home and continuing to ride with a broken wrist and even making a decent go at the sprint finish the other day.
Don't forget that Gerrans was already looking like a mugging victim from a face-plant fall on a previous stage!
Jens Voigt once again shows that he is the hardest man in the Pro Peloton by a country mile:

I came over the top only 20 seconds down on the front group, but about 2 kilometers into the descent my front tire blew and I thought, “Oh God,” and I went down. Just one year after my horrible crash, and there I was tumbling on another mountain descent. And let me tell you, about the only place that feels good right now is my right ankle. The rest of me is all road rash. Plus I’ve got five stitches in my left elbow and then there are some ribs that are not in the right place! I may have to get x-rays, but I hate x-rays (the radiation), and plus, if I’ve got a fractured rib, what can anyone do about it?


He's gonna be missed if he ever actually retires!
Jens is amazing, always wanted to see someone ride with the toe clips on the Mavic bike!
Stuart O'Grady just for the shear amount of work that he does for his team.

Robbie finishing on the Tourmalet


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