Here's a cheeky one for you.

Will Cav actually complete a stage race this time ?

If not, what will he be sent home for ?

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I would put money on him taking out the final stage on the Champs-Élysées like he did last year (assuming HTC are not preoccupied with with looking after a yellow jersey for Mick Rogers).

I actually don't think Cav is that arrogant* - he knows he is good. He has an awesome team who commit entirely as they know he will deliver, Cav just has to follow Renshaws wheel before they deliver him to the line. If I had 6 wins in one Tour (plus the rest in other races)- I would be saying I was the best too.

*Well he is a sprinter and you can't argue that Cippo and Robbie were/are not arrogant at the same age.

Reply by Tinysaur
If I had 6 wins in one Tour (plus the rest in other races)- I would be saying I was the best too.

Yeah but there's a certain verdant jersey that's eluding him!

Amazing that he could win six stages and still not get the points win. Shows just how biased the scoring is towards consistency...
no - it shows the effect of being stitched up on a technicality!

Green jersey wannabees cant afford to get no points on any sprint stage, especially with a Thor breathing down your neck!

Fair play to Thor though, he played a smart game of picking up intermediates and placing high in every sprint finish. Even if he did get creamed in every flat out head to head with Cav - he was just hoping for a slip up, and he got it on a silver platter!
TDF chief commissaire introduces max speed penalty after Cav wins 8th stage. He gets docked all green jersey points and sent home.
I heard that he has shunned the use of electronic gear-changing and will be doing it the old-fashioned way (something about "better feel"?) Will that help or hinder?
Reply by Alex
no - it shows the effect of being stitched up on a technicality!

Nah I'm gonna have to challenge that!

If memory serves, Cav and co were in a desperate situation. They wanted Cav to take the stage win, but they didn't want the peloton to finish too quickly cos Hincapie was a chance for the yellow. So they tried to slow up the finish, and in the process Cav deliberately blocked Hushovd.

But the cream on the cake was Hushovd's monster solo breakaway to scoop up enough intermediate points to give him a buffer. I'm not sure whether those extra points meant Cav would still have not won the jersey if he hadn't had that disqualification ... I think maybe it did. Thor didn't want an asterisk next to his name.

But that solo breakaway was genius, Cav could never do that, and his team wussed it by not chasing Hushovd down.

I (ahem) was standing on the Col des Saisies that day and no one could believe the reports that Hushovd was leading on a breakaway up such a huge hill. Then up he comes in the green jersey. He's got a lot of teeth in his mouth and it was probably a grimace but he seriously looked like he was having the most fun of his life. I think he said as much later.

To me it is all about consistency, which is why guys like Zabel with a nothing team and not winning a stage in years could still be listed as top three in the points race ...
Cav is without a doubt the fastest man on two wheels but he's just got the biggest turbo. And last year it wasn't enough.
Cav was disqualified for deviating from his sprinting line and lost all points. When you watch the overhead he actually stays on his line but the barriers come in and go out again making it look like he swerved.

If the result stood he would have won green.

In my book it was a bit unfair and qualifies as a stitch up. HTC tried to be too clever that day, but that had nothing to do with the disqualification.

I like Thor, a strong all rounder, not afraid to attack, but lets be honest he has to ride that way, he's not that good a sprinter anymore. If I was Cav I wouldnt waste energy on attacks knowing I could beat anyone in a sprint.

It seems like all 3 came out of this tour happy though, Cav dominant again. Pettachi unexpected green, Thor won the hardmans stage. I enjoyed every minute of it.


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