I am going to Sicily in May. Wondering if any Tourers have been there and what their experiences have been. I am planning to ride from Palermo along the west coast to Trapani and continue on along the south coast, with maybe an excursion or two into central Sicily and eventually to the east coast around Siracuse. I may hop on a train or bus occasionally, so any experiences there would be useful.

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Don't know much about cycling there, a bit hilly in spots, but Sicily is completely awesome I think. One highlight is Villa Romana mosaics. Amazing that some Roman emperor's hunting lodge is still mostly intact. Spend a night on Stromboli watching the volcano if it is erupting well. The rest Palermo/Monreale/Vallei dei Templi at Agrigento/Siracusa/Taormina are the other must sees. Spend as much time there as you can!! Where else can you see Greek theatres, greek temples and Norman castles in the same area? Here's a link: http://www.siciliainbici.it/?page_id=2685

PS you manning a polling booth this Saturday?


You went to NZ just recently. Too much fun being had by the sound of things.

I've never been to Sicily but I have been to Corsica, two islands north, 20 years ago. Does that count? Rather Italian-influenced despite being part of France. Funny little narrow gauge trains which wobble along mountainsides pausing to nudge cows out of their way. Tiny narrow roads with very little traffic meandering up into the mountains and away from the tourist traps on the coast. Rather idyllic.

May bear absolutely no resemblance to Sicily; I just don't know. However, Lonely Planet does. It publishes a Cycling Italy guide which appears to feature one whole ride in Sicily as well as MTBing opportunities which may not be relevant. The first edition of Cycling Italy, which I have in my home library, features two rides on Sicily both of which seem to feature iconic Mt Etna and explore the interior as well as the coast. There are also suggested rides on Sardinia which has ferry links from Sicily.

Other recommended reading includes Inspector Montalbano series of books by Andrea Camilleri which are set in Sicily. Themes are seafood, scenery and murders. 

Hope you enjoy your trip.

Hi Bob....very jealous!

I haven't been to Sicily either so mightn't be much help. However you might get some ides from some of the commercial tours that operate there http://www.cycletoursglobal.com/Sicily


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