Did anyone else get this glossy 32-page brochure which was apparently included with the Saturday Sydney Morning Herald? A colleague, in no-way a cyclist but knowing that I am obsessive one, passed it on to me.

I'm shocked and surprised that Mr O' has not already brought it to our attention.

Anyway, as it says on the cover, it describes 23 tours mainly, if not exclusively, on tracks and trails on both North and South Islands. Most of the trips can be ridden as multi-day tours, though you could sprint through some in a day if short of time.

It was produced by Tourism New Zealand, clearly with a very decent budget. There are lots of lovely pictures of 100%-helmeted cyclists enjoying fabulous 100% Pure New Zealand scenery as they ride MTBs and hybrids in amazing places without a car or hard-sealed surface in sight, with mountain backdrops, across incredible bridges, past unhelmeted, non-flotation-vested hot-pool users and beside rivers, streams and oceans.

It may seem odd timing, distributing it just as winter is closing in but by the time I get my @rse into gear, passport renewed and sh!t together, it will surely be spring or summer...

Here's a list of the trails described:


Twin Coast Cycle Trail from Whangarei

Hauraki Rail Trail from Thames

Motu Trails from Opotiki

Waikato River Trails from Hamilton

The Timber Trail from Rotorua

Te Ara Ahi from Rotorua

Great Lake Trail from Lake Taupo

Mountains to Sea Trail in Tongariro NP

Hawke's Bay Trails from Hastings

Rimutaka Cycle Trail from Wellington


Queen Charlotte Track from Picton

Dun Mountain Trail from Nelson

Tasman's Great Taste Trail from Nelson

The Old Ghost Road from Westport

St James Cycle Trail from Hanmer Springs

West Coast Wilderness Trail from Greymouth

Little River Rail Trail from Christchurch

Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail from Mt Cook Village

The Queenstown Trail from Queenstown

Otago Central Rail Trail from Dunedin

Roxburgh Gorge Trail from Alexandra

Clutha Gold Trail from Queenstown

Around the Mountains from Kingston

The brochure is online at http://www.newzealand.com/us/feature/cycle-trails/ along with further information, of a more general touristic nature.

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didn't get one, maybe there is a non-paper but coal powered version online.

Yes, this appears to be the non-eco-friendly on-line version:


I bought power from renewables this month so I'll take a look.

Here's hoping the servers on which it resides are powered by 100% pure New Zealand hydro power.

hmm, good point. I'd hope they use all that thermal activity over there for power.

whining about using cleaner power on coal powered servers, awesome.


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