Recently I was on a tour. I had my tent up at my overnight stop when a storm hit. Lots of lightning and thunder close by. My tent is a central support tent that uses an single vertical aluminium pole for support . I was wondering should I have been worried?

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Thanks Warren.  Prof Google sat pix suggest that there's a bit of tiger country in all of that lot!  A few years ago I'd been wondering about getting across from Nundle to Nowendoc, but I think that I'd not found any suitable roads other than via Dungowan.

Hello Warren

Well that was quite a story. I suppose if you been hit by lightning you are qualified to speak authoritatively :-)

Anyway thanks for your advice, it makes good sense and I will keep it in mind next time. I found it quite scary having a thunderstorm on top of me.

I never set up a tent under a gum tree in any conditions - as you say are not know as "widow makers" for nothing. I've been riding at times under gum trees when they have unexpectedly dropped branches onto the road.



Tony, qualified? ... no more than the next person Sir.

I did a search for lightning conducting to tall tent poles increasing the strilke hazard, and I found that there is no greater risk there, than poor site selection. That is very comforting.

I travel with a tripod and on several occasions I've moved the tripod and bike away from my tent, unsure of the potential hazards. I doubt that I'll do that in future.

Not knowing your camping experiences, I thought that I'd through the widow-maker section in as a filler ... to practice my one finger typing.

Cheers Mate.



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