hello... i'm looking for a few 1920's bikes to hire for a film.. preferably bikes appropriate to New York at this time...

would love to hear from you if you have omething i may be able to hire... any advise or leads would also be welcome..



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Hi Brooke,

Were you after men's, ladies or both? Any specific colour? What time frame did you need them for? Did you want ones that looked near new or well used? Did they need to be rideable? And most importantly how many?   

Sorry for all the questions, it is so I can determine if any of mine would suit.





Adam, check this out - the Manly Retro ride has been put on again:


nice - hopefully it won't rain this time !


yes..! thanks for reminding me.. these guys are great! will ask about older bikes they may have..


Hi brookeee......


I have a 1920s gent's roadster/town bike.   It will be in pics taken at Shelley Beach after yesterday's inaugural Manly Retro Ride.  Dull matt black, dodgy rod brakes, rides well but not for stunts. 




hi ted... sound great! that ride sounds fun! i am going to have to join one day.... would like to see a pic... i don't have shoot dates yet... but keen to see what's aroung.. brooke


Hi Ted,

You might like this:  http://oldbike.wordpress.com/

Also, some details of your bike here: http://www.sydneycyclist.com/photo/albums/the-inaugural-manly-retro...

hi karen.. men's or ladies bikes.. colour is not important but should be in reasonable condition... rideable is good though non rideable can always be used for dressing.. no definate shoot dates as yet.. just want to see what's out there..




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