So... it's back from the LBS! ....  

No , actually that is not that's not the first thing I want to say, the first thing I really want to say is; it's a bitch of a rather difficult task to find easily available non-black bike bits.

Ok now that I got that over with , it's back from the LBS! 

I got the bike in this form (minus the pedals)

FD clamp was black - had to change that (seller provided the replacement)

Quill adapter and stem - I didn't mind it at the start and was just thinking of just changing the stem , but after a few checks, I decided to re-quill it , which, of course meant the black handlebars had to go.

Never liked black cables - that had to go too.

Now - that black carbon seatpost is just a no-no too. *sigh* so that had to go too. - this one was easy I lifted one of the seatposts with a rivetted saddle off another bike and swapped it straight in.

It's a 9 speed 105, which means the controls could be changed to Campagnolo Athena 11s which comes in silver - at the price of multiple downshifts.

That's right! another Shim9Ergo11 project.

I got in a new small chain ring as I expect I might be using that more often as this isn't a compact.

Since I can't ride without water, I needed to find a suitable bottle cage.

Did I mentioned how hard it is to find readily available silver bits? 

Oh I also found that the cables running under the BB were naked and bound to sooner or later cut into the frame/paint. That was pretty poor IMO

Anyway ,finally, after the major parts arrived (for my records : Nitto Quill stem and handlebar, Athena 11s shifters, Hudz yellow hoods, Prorace Cableset , Bar tape and Cinelli BarEnd plugs, Stronglight Zicral  Chainring 38T Silver, Elite Ciussi Gel Bottle Cage, I sent it for a rebuild and look-over by my trusty LBS.

First thing that came up within 10secs was that the headset was already somewhat loose and pretty crap - I had to change that too, Good thing there was an available Record headset in silver at the LBS.

They would add liners or lining to the cables that went under the BB too.

The other thing was that the wheel spokes nipples were seized and it needed to be totally re-tuned/tension-ed/trued. In fact, the rims were really tired looking - but that's for a possible followup story.

LBS also found the big chain-ring was warped and supplied a replacement. 

Ok, enough talk, here it is, back from the LBS (another awesome job! Thanks! ) .

Cleaner cabling and left brake levers operate the front brakes like my other bikes

I changed the brake pads (Ultegra silver brake pads are NOT silver, I had to get BBB BBS-02 RoadStop Road Brake pads) and pedals (Shimano M324) and slapped on a rear light/reflector.

This is what it looks like now.

Some possible options I'm mulling over :

Simplified bottle cage

Full mud guards (in silver) (see * )

Pedal + cages? 

Tan/leather bartape and matching saddle and back to the black hoods? 

remove 105 in it's entirety and replace with full Athena

*Acquire/build a new set of wheels with silver hubs, rims and spokes. Probably going slightly wider to 28s

Anyway - for your viewing pleasure (or to sear your eyeballs! ) and comments.

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Nice, Recently had my Ken Evans repainted by Star Enamelers. I'm very happy with the result and it carried me to Melbourne in the Audax 1200 within a week of the rebuild with Athena 10 speed. 

nice one Michael, too many zeros there for me!

how do you deal with the decals after a repainting?


It looks great! The new stem looks like it was meant to be there.

Now put a few kms on it!

BTW, you should be able to get silver Shimano brake block holders easy.

I really like the Minoura Dura Cage bottle cages - Renegade keep them, dunno about anybody else - very minimalist and can be tweaked for softer/harder grip on the bottle.

Not so sure about the angle of your saddle !!!!!

Thanks John!

Drat I just passed Renegade! 

Opps- I didn't pay attention to the saddle yet , I'm still waiting for a saddle from Hungary.

a mate passed me a simplified bottle cage, so that is fine for now.

might need to sandpaper off logos at a later stage.

Ride report.

I rode to meet the group at Tempe and stacked it at the traffic light crossing when I couldn't un-clip in time.

After wriggling on the ground for a while, I undid the laces to get out of the shoes - while seeing a cycling group stream past on the other side of the road. While I was still wrestling with the shoe, an ambulance , complete with flashing lights, rolled up to ask if I was ok as they witnessed my glorious fall from the other side of the road (either that or the seismic activity alerted them) 

I told them that I was fine, well, except for my pride. Fortunately they didn't interrogate me any further and left me to finally remove my shoe from the pedal - the cleats shifting a good 45 degrees at this time.

Deciding to try to catch the long-gone group I started riding and it's certainly not great trying to accelerate without clip-ins.

Fortunately the next bunch caught up to me shortly (the group I was intending to join anyway) and I landed up in front for a period - Naturally to keep with 'clean' look of the bike I didn't have the computer on it and so , probably my pace keeping wasn't the best + starting off at the lights was a pain..

Ok  - but what about the ride? The tires were pumped to a 100psi , and the frame seemed to absorb the road bumps to a certain degree, but it's high doubtful it's any better than riding with tubeless tires, in fact, I would say clearly riding a stiffer frame of any material (aluminium/carbon) with tubeless beats the magic ride of  steel.

Lack of clip-in due to user error in setup meant I couldn't really test the bike during the ride , but it doesn't accelerate like a carbon toy, that's for sure.

The wrists were tingling at the 1/2 way mark of the ride, and cracks along the route with I would routinely ignore when riding with tubeless were pretty evident to me at this stage.

The saddle was also crap and my backside is pretty unhappy with the whole exercise.

I've since fixed the cleats and adjusted the pedals tension, 

At this stage, I think steel is great before lower pressure (read : tubeless) tires were in use.

my next plan for the next ride is to replace the wheels with a tubeless set to eliminate the wheels/tires as the main culprit, and double the comfort from the tires and the steel frame could just about mean there is salvation for this project.

A replacement saddle naturally needs to be researched as well.- an unhappy bum is no way to build a relationship with a bike!

I would say clearly riding a stiffer frame of any material (aluminium/carbon) with tubeless beats the magic ride of  steel.


While I have never used tubeless tyres (on a bicycle), I can say definitively that my Reynolds-531-steel Kenevans frame gives a more comfortable yet stiffer ride than either my aluminium Scott with a carbon fork, or my full-carbon Bianchi.


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