Hi all,

I'm being driven up the wall looking for matching bits for my project.

The mainstream online stores that work well for 'todays' equipment simply doesn't cut it for the period correct stuff.

So that leaves ebay, which is really painful.

Are there tips of what you do to get your 'period correct' bits that you wish to share?


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I don't know if these are period correct for anything but I found stronglight cranks for square JS taper BBs here, http://www.xxcycle.com/crankset-stronglight-impact-compact,,en.php

Took me a while to find someone that sold a good range of these as I was after a slightly smaller than compact size.

The Rene Herse ones are very expensive,

period correct might not be the right term, but where else do you call quill stemmy stuff? or anything that is non-black? never knew it was so hard to find silver or chrome bits

- I'm a fan of stronglight stuff.too, nice link

If you are looking for NOS parts, google it.Some of them have limited parts.

www.steel-vintage.com/parts/ , www.vintagebicyclerebuilds.com.au/parts.htm , bike-vintage.com .

I do use ebay but it is a bugger to search for what you need.

thanks for links - I swear a rebuild is more expensive than a 'today' bike

Universe Cycles 458 Church St Parramatta normally have a bit of old stuff about (if you know what you want), some NOS mostly good 2nd hand bits but cant say I have seen anything like big $$ full gruppos for a while. Worth a visit, maybe bring the bike.

thanks for the tips - I should have suspected that I might have to resort to a brick and mortar!

Ebay, Time and Patience

Option A for me, yeah.

To elaborate, I was trying to say that ebay is a pain, but with time and patience you will get the part that you are after. But you also have to be prepared to loose auctions, or you will pay too much. Thus the Time and Patience. With old parts it is all about the hunt.

Do you check the international listings?

I understand.
shipping mostly kills it, but I (hopefully) have a piece coming in from Hungary, and another from California.
Almost there I think!

This lot are a good start to work out if you are about to pay too much for a certain part or bit.


dunno about once you add in postage form poland but if you could build up a few bits in one order it would help.

Sometimes it is even better to buy a whole bike and strip it down if the bits are more or less of the same age.

Sometimes it is even better to buy a whole bike and strip it down if the bits are more or less of the same age

I was pretty close to doing this!  The thing is most of the cheaper & older model bikes are listed without much specific measurements.of their components, if any!



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