Hi all,

I'm being driven up the wall looking for matching bits for my project.

The mainstream online stores that work well for 'todays' equipment simply doesn't cut it for the period correct stuff.

So that leaves ebay, which is really painful.

Are there tips of what you do to get your 'period correct' bits that you wish to share?


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Velo Orange in the USA is worth a look. I've always had good mail order response from them. They were good value when the exchange rate was high.



There are a number of UK suppliers as well (google them).  Here a couple to start with

I've used SJS cycles before


And also Freeman Cycles who carry Stronglight etc. I've not dealt with Freeman.


Also Spa Cycles but I'm not sure they do international orders



In Australia there is this eBay store I've used -


I'd also have a look at




Abbotsford is my go-to place for Sturmey-Archer hub gearing and parts.


Unfortunately Kookie Cycles in Melbourne closed down as they had a lot of good stuff.



great stuff Tony.

will research them for my missing bit(s)

To add:

Planet-X has a vintage section with limited range but they have frames (for normal sized people) 



http://www.ebay.com.au/sch/baronchelli-sport-2013/m.html?_nkw=&... has 100% reputation and some nice bits , some photographed on an authentic looking mosaic table. :-)

Most of the links I mention will direct you more to contemporary "old school" style parts rather than NOS or vintage parts. However some recently manufactured parts have a long and venerable history - think Brooks saddles for example.


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