Specifically race style bikes.
What are the rules of engagement?
As previously posted:

Your bicycle must be pre-1987 OR;
A custom build or a rebuild in the style and spirit of pre-1987 bicycles.

- NO STI levers/Brifters
- NO Carbon Fibre
- NO Clipless Pedals
- Shifters to be on the down-tube (Barcons permitted)
- Aero levers frowned upon

I'm doing a bit of research into a vintage bike project, it's a challenge for me to balance my natural disposition of getting gadgets to be looking at vintage stuff, so ill probably need some pointers.

Frame, fork, headsets sounds easy enough,
Are there titanium frames in Pre 87 era? Or must it be steel?
I like internal cabling and believe I've seen bikes with top tube internal cabling but not with down tube internal cabling.

Group set firstly however being prebrifters , this means gear levers need to be on the down tubes?
What happens if they break or need replacement? Surely the availability of era correct group sets must run out?
Also brakes and brake pads, wouldn't modern day compounds be more effective, safer?

I'm a bit nervous here too, steel frames apparently can be repaired, but old wheels? Are they a good idea, do they last, have infinite strength? Rims wear out through braking... What happens here?

Tires... Clearly my tubeless tires of choice will be frowned upon... So what tires?, are modern day tires approved?

Edit - the purpose of this bike project is not just to be put on the wall but to be able to potentially be used , like how it could have been used on the roads of yesteryear. (ala L’Eroica ) by a not too light or gentle rider ( ie:me ) 

Any comments pointers etc appreciated.

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alloy frames in the 40s, yes. 7kg bikes in the 40s, yes, with mudguards and lights no less! Tough enough to be raced? that's how they tested them in the Technical Trials in France.



However, for my parameters aluminium is a no no - I've sworn off* alu and carbon

*until further notice

Wow. Sounds like plenty of food for neurotic thought there.

Old bikes work and last a lifetime if looked after with minimum maintenance and especially if stored inside.

Vintage bikes and parts abound on the internet, many still in their original packaging.

Several companies still produce good quality 27 inch rims and it takes an awful lot of braking to wear through a good rim.

What you need is to do your research, meet some like-minded souls and put your modern conceptions behind you. 

yeah - its a challenge for me- I don't want a bike that's built, hung on the wall and taken out once a year or so. 

I want something that is able to take actual usage, on the potentially classics type routes (dirt, pave, bit of rocks) - but not a MTB or a cyclocross .

but a road bike, 'vintage' enough to be a material that is repairable - ie Steel / possibly titanium, as I'm not the lightest or gentlest rider.

With components that will not require 3 month searches to replace when I break them.

In lieu of Brifters (STI 1990 / ErgoPower 1992) ,does anyone know when did barcons / bar end shifters make  their appearance? 

Something like
1970's - 1980's have used them up to 8 speed smooth and easy to maintain but full friction.  Could still find them on ebay
or these from the 1950's - 1980's with more $$ needed and maybe rare. (Have not used these)

If you are not so keen on downtube shifters what about stem mount shifters?

Very nice! will rank highly for the project.


Stem mounted shifters  will not allow me to put my Garmin on the stem ... err,   isn't 'pro'...errr

.....are supposedly dangerous and may stab you

mount them lower down so only the quill stem stabs you.

If you look for the newest vintage of vintage, IMO you should look for Centurion Tange frames with Shimano 600 series.

Or a Shogun frame maybe.

Before I bought my yellow Fuji I looked at a 1987 Centurion Master Dave Scott model (as per piccy) with full Shimano 600 Tricolour group set.

SIS on the downtube.

Light and fast, just old school geometry and only 7 speed downtube shifting.

Very nice bike for $350 - it was on Gumtree, from a seller in Maroubra.

Thanks John. More options better for me at this stage.

Currently reading about Miyata - apparently they had Ti frames in that era...

A little concerned about steel frames especially if they have't been fish-oiled diligently enough.

Peter, I had a look at those Miyatas -they look a bit weird to me. Ti main frame tubes with alu triangle and forks.
It seems backward to me.
Are they good?

I'd be more worried about 25yo alu than cromo.

A little more research says Ti with alu lugs is a bad idea.

Still - loads of options on gumtree and ebay. some with "aesthetically pleasing rust patches" 

Doing a bit of research into running gear - it's bit of a pain, with current era Shimano/Campy stuff I know what I'm getting and replacements are a click away on a dozen websites.

But the archaic world of Shimano 600s is murky indeed.


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