Specifically race style bikes.
What are the rules of engagement?
As previously posted:

Your bicycle must be pre-1987 OR;
A custom build or a rebuild in the style and spirit of pre-1987 bicycles.

- NO STI levers/Brifters
- NO Carbon Fibre
- NO Clipless Pedals
- Shifters to be on the down-tube (Barcons permitted)
- Aero levers frowned upon

I'm doing a bit of research into a vintage bike project, it's a challenge for me to balance my natural disposition of getting gadgets to be looking at vintage stuff, so ill probably need some pointers.

Frame, fork, headsets sounds easy enough,
Are there titanium frames in Pre 87 era? Or must it be steel?
I like internal cabling and believe I've seen bikes with top tube internal cabling but not with down tube internal cabling.

Group set firstly however being prebrifters , this means gear levers need to be on the down tubes?
What happens if they break or need replacement? Surely the availability of era correct group sets must run out?
Also brakes and brake pads, wouldn't modern day compounds be more effective, safer?

I'm a bit nervous here too, steel frames apparently can be repaired, but old wheels? Are they a good idea, do they last, have infinite strength? Rims wear out through braking... What happens here?

Tires... Clearly my tubeless tires of choice will be frowned upon... So what tires?, are modern day tires approved?

Edit - the purpose of this bike project is not just to be put on the wall but to be able to potentially be used , like how it could have been used on the roads of yesteryear. (ala L’Eroica ) by a not too light or gentle rider ( ie:me ) 

Any comments pointers etc appreciated.

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nay, it wasnt me - Was on my way to centennial park.

Saw somebody ride past on a lovely canary yellow sleelie with chrome fork and triangles. After here was gone I realized it could have been you. or your twin :-)

Bike stuck in big ring again? ;-)

Gotta say that my ancient (c. a quarter-century old) Kenevans frame is the heart of my favourite, most comfortable road bike. But every time I ride it, someone has to accuse me of being "old skool" for riding steel. Oh well, more fool them on their harsh riding alu frames and soggy CFs.

Don't remind me...  the 105 levers with black plastic thingy  will go the same time as the quill is changed (yellow decals or not). Thank goodness for ergos

will need to set up the bike a bit better before I check the touted comfort/performance of 'steel is real', 'alu is harsh' and other stereotypes

:-) the things I do for scientific analysis

received a 20 spoke rear wheel today, free, for my yellow steel bike build. Normally I'd shun a 20 spoke but hey it was free and I didn't have a wheel for the bike.

So now 20 spoke rear, 32 spoke front, 25mm rubber. Waiting on quill stem with 22.5mm quill and 25.4mm bar clamp, 110mm reach. 3 stems from found bikes here and no combo worked for the bars and head tube size I had.

Also had to buy seat post and sks sealed bearings.

Now I'm looking for a more sensible sized set of cranks/chainrings. I'm too weak for 53/42 which is all I have laying around. A 9speed cassette for the rear required as well. More ebay searching.


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