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Pyrmont Bridge Road Working Group

Group for improving Pyrmont Bridge Road for cyclists. This road links Inner West suburbs like Stanmore, Petersham and Leichhardt with Pyrmont and the City, and carries a steady stream of commuter cyclists but little in the way of cycling infrastructure.

Location: Inner West Sydney
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[Note added in August 2017: Sad to say, the result of the February meeting has been RMS deciding to do nothing. After no reply I rang them and they said PB Rd is a "low priority" and they thought the plan we presented didnt do enough to improve safety, so better to do nothing. Go figure! In other news, Inner West Council has received a grant to connect Annandale with PB Rd via a bike link from Albion St, so maybe that will get RMS to take some interest. This link is still in concept stage, no definite route yet, but original plans were for a path across Johnstons Ck from Nelson St, into the industrial maze behind PB Rd. A better link in my book would be down Parramatta Rd footpath (widened as part of Parramatta Rd renewal project) from Nelson St. ]

[Note added in March 2017: a meeting was held with RMS, City of Sydney and Bike Leichhardt in February 2017, after a call by Bike Leichhardt for an update on RMS and CoS intentions for Pyrmont Bridge Rd as part of Urban Growth plans for relocation of the Fishmarket and other changes to Blackwattle Bay and Pyrmont. City of Sydney strongly put to RMS that they should have remarked the road to cater for cyclists when they repaved it in 2016. RMS actually agreed to relook at the road markings and see if some provision could be made for cyclists, using as a basis a plan put together by CoS traffic engineer Justin Murphy. They even thought that there were some funds left in their budget for such works. We left the meeting feeling quite hopeful, but as yet no positive news.]

See photos of Pyrmont Bridge Rd on a Google Photos album

Forum discussion on left hook incidents at Wentworth Park Road.

Some facts and figures will be posted here, when obtained, such as traffic volumes, cycle counts, anything else relevant.

Number one fact is that it is an RMS controlled road, but footpaths are under the control of Leichhardt Council and City of Sydney Council. Some sections are recognized as parts of bike routes. The section between Junction St and Booth St is part of a route from Annandale to Haymarket via Booth St and St Johns Rd. There is a bike route directional sign near Booth St for westbound cyclists. There is a Bicycles Excepted sign for the right turn into Ross St from the Bus Lane.

The speed limit is 60 Km/h, which is too high for the road these days. It used to be the main way into the City via Pyrmont Bridge but now is not a through route.

The road is wide by Sydney standards, up to 15 m in sections, with four lanes. in the section through Glebe it is narrower but only 2 lanes of traffic, so lane widths are generous, except where an extra turning lane is marked. Clearway restrictions apply in peak hours Monday to Friday. Weekend and out of peak parking causes some squeeze points for cyclists.

There have been resident campaigns to close the road near Taylor St, to reduce traffic through Glebe.

The road surface is very bumpy where Ausgrid or other authorities have laid cables in a trench along the road and have not repaired the surface flush, although they say they will come back eventually and fix properly.

Short PyrmontBridgeRd.doc submission to RMS in May, 2013.

[Note added in March 2017: the road has been repaved by RMS and is a lot smoother. Some of the road is different looking. They took out the refuge near Wooley St and put in a conventional pedestrian crossing, introducing a bit of a squeeze due to a kerb extension. They also put in a standard wide refuge at Cross St, introducing a real squeeze for west bound cyclists.]

Discussion Forum

Usage and bicycle counts

Started by Bob Moore. Last reply by Bob Moore Mar 5. 3 Replies

CoS bike counts at Booth St and at Wattle St give the numbers of cyclists in morning peak hour period to be in the range of 125 to 250. Source is fig. 4.77 in the State Govts Transport Masterplan. In…Continue

Tags: pyrmont bridge Rd, PB Rd

Latest developmemts

Started by Bob Moore. Last reply by Bob Moore Jan 22, 2018. 20 Replies

Leichhardt Council at their Traffic Cttee today  agreed to raise PB Rd with RMS, and seek a meeting or at least some response from them, to the idea of improvements for cyclists. They also said they…Continue

Ideas, Problems and Solutions

Started by Bob Moore. Last reply by Bob Moore Oct 26, 2012. 6 Replies

OK, we know some of the problem points and sections, now how do we improve PB Rd for commuter cyclists?My starting list is something like this:1. Lower speed limit to 50. Possibly 40 near the…Continue

Lane widths and squeeze points

Started by Bob Moore Oct 21, 2012. 0 Replies

Posting some measured lane widths at crucial points where cyclists might get squeezed or otherwise experience problems. Please add any more points or sections where you have experienced problems.I…Continue

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Comment Wall

Comment by Bob Moore on October 29, 2012 at 11:57am
Pity there wasn't a video of that;)
One of my ideas is to have an alternative route via St Johns for the middle bit of PB Rd, to avoid stress points like that. Not to give RMS or CoS an excuse not to do something on PB Rd tho. I would signpost a route up Colbourne Av to St Johns and then you can rejoin PB Rd all the way down at Junction St. CoS should be able to do that, as it is existing bike route mostly. This can be followed in the reverse direction too, except it is easier (less steep) to turn right at Ross St to get to St Johns. There is a turn exemption there now for cyclists, but a hook turn facility might be safer. I got hit there last year, merging across into the Bus Lane right turn lane.
Comment by Bob Moore on November 1, 2012 at 7:50am
Someone else was counting bikes yesterday. I thought I would observe the pm peak at corner of Glebe Pt Rd, particularly the uphill section coming out of town. There was a woman there from a consulting company, counting bikes through the intersection. I guess it was CoS doing its regular bike counts,or else. Will put details on the Counts discussion on this Group.
Comment by Da Munch on November 1, 2012 at 7:53am

I missed out on getting counted, took the easy and safer option around the water on the sup.

Comment by Bob Moore on November 1, 2012 at 9:01am
Have you tried my Colbourne Av/St Johns/Junction St detour?

Or can duck off PB Rd at Darling St and wend way up to St Johns.

There is still a bit of traffic on St Johns Rd between Colbourne and GPtRd but may be less stressful than PB Rd .
Comment by Bob Moore on November 15, 2012 at 12:48pm
Had talks with CoS bike section yesterday, and they agreed to look at the Wnty Park Rd /PB Rd intersection in view of the left hook incidents there.
They were supportive of a number of measures to make it easier to get through from Fishmarket to Murray St.

A widened Bike path and separate pedestrian path along PB Rd from Fishmarket to Taylor St is being designed, as part of foreshore redevelopment. they hope to progress this soon. CoS is willing to make the footpath past the Fishmarket and up to Bulwarra Rd a SUP, so cyclists can connect to Miller St /Union St route. We will have to approach RMS about putting logos down on PB Rd, or reinstating the old ones.
But Leichhardt Council has agreed to ask the RMS to look at bike lanes between P'tta Rd and Booth St, which goes through their LGA.
So, some progress, maybe.
Comment by Da Munch on November 15, 2012 at 12:52pm

Thanks Bob

Comment by Bob Moore on November 19, 2012 at 5:17pm

Put some more photos on Picasa Web album for the section from Ross St to Taylor St.

Found a few more worn out bike logos. 

The refuge at Woolley St has a very long painted median before it that, if shortened and narrowed, would possibly give more room for cyclists in the westbound traffic lane as it narrows past the only stretch of about 60 m where parking is allowed along PB Rd between Harris St and Ross St. 

Comment by Bob Moore on December 10, 2012 at 4:41pm
Ausgrid has finally "made good" the bumpy road surface after they laid cables under the road some months or maybe years ago. The riding surface looks much smoother now between Lyons and Ross Sts and also noticed new pavement between Taylor St and Colbourne St.
Comment by Da Munch on December 12, 2012 at 7:43am

On the heading west side from Lyons up to Booth it's still a goat track, like really hard to maintain traction - you can't stand up and pedal, I'm tending to try and maintain speed and sit in the right lane. The other bits they have fixed are great :D

Comment by BIKESydney on April 15, 2015 at 9:50pm

Huge News from today's (15Apr15) City of Sydney Traffic Committee: We have managed to negotiate the RMS to accept that they must provide cycling lanes on Pyrmont Br Rd and Bridge Rd as part of the current $2.6m re-sheeting works...


Today has been a good day :-)


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