Bridal Bicycle

Not so much a "bicycle built for two" as a "bicycle" built backwards. See the error?

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Comment by Bill Parker on Monday

must be for europe? and the saddle looks uncomfortable, like all mine

Comment by Dabba on Monday

Chain etc on the wrong side. 

Comment by Neil Alexander on Monday

It's not, of course, a real bicycle but, even at the risk of appearing pedantic, I find it unsettling to see such a mistake in the representation of that thing we all love above all else. (Said with absolutely NO hyperbole.)

I have commented previously on the inability of almost everyone who tries to draw a bicycle properly. It seems the disease has spread to people who build bicycle replicas as well. Sigh.

Comment by Dabba on Monday

I agree. I think that most drawings of bikes tend to have the bike going towards the left of the page. Consequently everything is rs up. It particularly annoys me on drawings of those wonderfully social cycling machines - tandems!


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